Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tempestuous Tuesday

Tempestuous, a fine adjective to describe today's weather!
The walk to Kids Planet was gusty and wet; well worth it though.  Rye, yet again, had a fantastic time and we met up with yet another HE'ing family in the area and quietly asked a couple sat on the sofa if they Home Ed'ed too.. and they do!  Tell ya, Home Edders are coming out of the woodwork here in Folkestone! lol.

I enjoyed today, we sat, drank tea and nattered while our children raced around and wore themselves out.  Rye was so pooped by the time we left, he wanted carrying, and within minutes of going into the mei tai, on my back, he was fast asleep. 

Rye is laid on the floor looking at his book with the magnetic animals, nice and chilled, whereas yesterday at this time he was running around like a maniac, leaping on me, screeching..

Ohhh yorkshire puds done :-)

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