Friday, 27 November 2009


I had some photos to share.  Rye playing on  Sidney the Snail with the Moose, the books we took out from the library today, Rye playing in the park (brrrr it was nippy).  Alas, I cannot, for love or money, find the camera - guessing the housesprites are playing a wee game again. (sigh)  They seem to particularly enjoy hiding the cheese grator from me.  I search high and low for it, and then turn around only to find it sitting in plain view on the breadboard.  It was NOT there previously!
I have been a little slack with offerings recently, so maybe they are little miffed?

But enough about weird going ons.

It has been a sunny, if chilly day and it seemed daft not to take advantage of the dry weather.  So, we wandered down to the library, took books back, including the Bob the Builder dvds, I borrowed, thankfully.  Rye was asking to watch these each night, and he wasn't just content with an episode, no, he wanted to watch the whole dvd and then some.  So yes, I confess, I was more than relieved to hand 'em back to the librarian.

Rye was rather uncooperative in the library, which was a bit stressful.  Soon as we entered he started to shout because it echos.  I tried to shh him, I even took him aside and told him rather crossly that if he was not quiet, we would leave without getting anymore books.  He did quieten down a little, but then every so often, he'd give me a crafty look and shout again.  I suppose it is confusing for him, on Mondays the library is noisy with Rythm Time and then the rest of the time I'm shhing him and explaining he should be quiet in a library.  I guess it's also a good game. 

I had planned to mooch along the highstreet having a nosy in the charity shops; alas the uncooperativeness continued and in the end I decided to admit defeat and take him back home before I got too stressed  and annoyed with him.  While walking to the park, Rye spotted a beautiful golden Alsation and started crying and panicking.  The owner took the dog to the park, but instead of going through the gate, he hopped over the wall with the dog.  Well, trying to get Rye to walk up to and past that part of the wall was a trial.  Once we were there though and he could see the dog had gone, he was fine and happily ran into the park and played on the slide, swings and rocking elephant.

The walk home wasn't very pleasant,Rye, bless him, wanted to play hide and seek behind the bushes along the path, unfortunately, inconsiderate dog owners seem to think they don't need to clean up after their animals on the grassy bits, so I can't let Rye play there anymore, particularly, as he thinks it's funny to run and then slide and land on his bum.  So he very loudly expressed his displeasure, and I really didn't have much option but to hold onto the reins and hurry him along, which he hates, so even louder expressions of displeasure.

On the upside once home, he sat on the sofa, rocked himself briefly, then fell asleep for most of the afternoon. 

I have noticed that, contrary to my belief, Rye does take an afternoon nap IF we've been out and active in the morning.  I'm not a morning person and it takes me a while to get going, so it was the after lunch I would generally get out and about with Rye; since we've started going to activities and groups in the morning, I have definitely noticed that he's read for a nap in the afternoon.  Whereas before he was feeling asleep around teatime, which just had me thinking that maybe I needed to move his bedtime forward.

This afternoon nap business is lovely.  If I'm tired I can sit on the sofa with Rye and snooze, or I can get on with a bit of housework, crochet, reading, blogging/surfing etc.  Although, after the snooze he does tend to be a bouncy again, so I'm considering fitting in an after tea walk around the block.  I'm hoping the afternoon nap remains a fairly regular event so I can get on with the Yule gift crafting.

Scary to think it's about 3 and 1/2 weeks to Yule! 


arwen_tiw said...

Very scary! And I feel your pain on the outing, some days there is just too big a list of dont's and a child who wants to DO and we all end up coming home exhausted and grumpy. Just rubbing each other up the wrong way. We sigh, and start again. Hope today is an easy one. xx

Joxy said...

And today's he's being delightful and very cute.

I think prehaps Ineed to organise myself a bit better and when going to the library, leave enough time he can have a good run around the park FIRST rather than afterwards.. he might be boisterious then.

arwen_tiw said...

Worth a try!

lilac73 said...

As a librarian in a community library I regularly had to ask people to keep the noise down, not usually bairns though, usually two middle-aged men who liked to read the papers and almost shout their opinions to each other (while sat in chairs next to each other), libraries are for exploring, choosing things, talking to others about what you've found/are interested in and for fun! Children talking loudly (and occasionally shouting) were never as frowned upon by the public as these two blokes!