Wednesday, 2 December 2009

1 Month today (1st Dec as I'm posting after midnight...)

One month from 1st Dece my little boy will be 3 years old.

It is the thought that has dominated my mind, I'm less concerned with "Advent" as it's sorta meaningless in my home.. and yeah ok - I admit I haven't got around to sorting a Yule "Advent" out this year.

3 years old.  Each day I look at him and notice he's a little bit taller, his face a little less babyish, his speech clearer and more complex.  He is growing up and there's not a darn thing I can do about it, 'cept to celebrate it and enjoy it. :-)


Stephanie said...

I've been pouring over lots of old posts lately, and I see these babies, then look at the date, and it was less than a year ago! :)
lol. Not sure about that.
Best to enjoy them, to be sure.

Liz said...

It is scary, isn't it? My eldest is going to be 7 in February and my baby boy is going to be 5 in March. How did that happen? Every time you look away they seem to grow a bit more.

arwen_tiw said...

Oh I know that feeling! Just over a week here!! Eep/wow.

Claire said...

They do have a habit of growing don't they!