Friday, 1 January 2010

3rd Birthday 2010.

I woke this morning to big fat snowflakes falling, I couldn't believe my luck, snow on Rye's birthday!

It had stopped by about lunchtime, a good couple of inches.

Ohhhh, what could be under the blanket?

LOL, mind, I had to take the blanket off myself, he was more interested in the balloons, then he noticed it was snowing and wanted to go out to play.

"Arrrhhhhhhhh, yer money or yer life!"
Pelting mummy with snowballs.
He then sat on the snowman and squished him!
The neighbour's snowman!
When they discovered it was Rye's birthday, they gave him a box of buscuits :-)
Birthday lunch - lovely roast dinner, with delicious organic vegetables - that's cabbage he's eating!
Reading his birthday cards.

The birthday bonfire.
Rye blowing out his birthday candles.


Earthmummy xx said...

Wow! 3 years old and so grown up! Looks like he had a great day :) xx

Joxy said...

Oh he did :-)

The snow really made the day. And the Napalese family were so lovely and friendly, I was so touched when the wife came running after me with a box of buscuits for Rye. Tomorrow I'll sit down with him and we'll do a thank you card :-)

Jules said...

Brilliant! Thoroughly loved seeing those photos, thanks for sharing them :)

Wishing you all a very happy new year, and hoping that 2010 is prosperous for you, full of good health and blessings.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Rye. He looks like he had a fantastic day. That pirate ship was brilliant. I have a little girl and husband who would love something like that.

arwen_tiw said...

What a great birthday, glad you had such a lovely time Rye! :)

Mel said...

Happy belated birthday, Rye!!

Looks like a wonderful day...


Eoforhild said...

What a fantastic looking birthday and a brilliant looking pirate ship.

Becks said...

What a great birthday. Looks like a fantastic day.
Best of wishes to both you and Rye.

Jacqui said...

Belated Happy Birthday Rye. James would love to play with that Pirate ship. xxx