Thursday, 14 January 2010


The joy of a half decent nights sleep after so many nights of laying there trying to fall asleep, has stored up the resevoirs a little.  For once I climbed out of bed, rather than dragged myself out of bed and was greeted by a tidy lounge and tidy kitchen.  Mmm, thank goodness I'd made myself do it last night instead of leaving it till the morning.

Tidy kitchen, just calls for cooking, and a new cookbook demands a receipe or two is tried, and ok, mammy guilts played a part too; what to do when you feel like you've failed your child and yourself; make pancakes.  A big hit with Rye, not so much with my little charge, to my utter suprise - what child doesn't like pancakes????

Anyhoos, inspite of the bucketing rain, I bundled Rye into waterproofs and C into the buggy and trundled down to Toddler group - only to arrive, sopping wet, to read a notice that it was cancelled due to illness.  I'd promised Rye we'd go to the library afterwards, so it seemed sensible to just go there now.  A couple of Bob the Builder and a Dora Explorer dvd later (plus books for the children and me) and we exited the library, popped to the coop and then trudged back home.
Quick lunch of left over pancakes (bread for my charge), fruit salad and yoghurt.  Afterwards we read the books we checked out of the library and then it was time for my charge to leave.  (Half days on Thursdays).

Then arrived a masters degree student to interview me.  She's researching a paper on families who choose to keep their children home rather then send them to preschool.  Not entirely sure I made complete sense as I kept loosing track of what I was saying when I interrupted myself to speak to Rye for various reasons and I'm not entirely sure I actually answered her questions simply because the point I was trying to make was forgotten in those interruptions.  Still, I hope her visit wasn't wasted and she gets something useful from it.  Rye certainly enjoyed playing with the treeblocks with her :-)

After she left, Rye looked imploring at the dvds, and as those mama guilts are still present, I agreed and we ambled upstairs.  He soon fell asleep on the floor cusion tho, so I've spent a leisurely afternoon lazing on my bed, surfing the net and reading the Mother magazine, while also answering rather out there questions on Bob the Builder.

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arwen_tiw said...

LOL my biggest two don't eat more than a mouthful of pancakes!

So glad you're sleeping better. :) What a difference it makes.