Friday, 15 January 2010

A fun day.

The morning started with chucking all the left over veg from my veg box in the slow cooker and then bolting out of the door with the kids and trundling down to Kidz Planet to meet up with the Home Ed group.  Rye was quivering with excitment, barely touched his porriage - indeed when I asked him if he wanted porriage for breakfast he said, "I don't want porriage anymore, I want to go to Kidz Planet", bless him.

Cor, it was busy though, so we've decided to avoid Friday's in future and try to stick to Mondays or Thursdays when it tends to be quieter.  No pictures I'm afraid, Rye was so busy having fun I barely saw him, every so often he woudl appear for a drink, or come and find where I was with my charge and stay for a few minutes before rushing off again to find the older children, or playing with kids around his age that weren't a part of our group.
My little charge had a lovely time too.

And before we knew it, time to come home.  Rye was exhausted and sat on the buggy board all the way home.  Once tea (the chuck everything in soup was delicious), was over and my charge had gone home, Rye asked to paint, too tired though, so I gave him some crayons and paper... it wasn't long though before he sat on the sofa with me and fell asleep.... In bed not long after 6pm :-)
I did snap a photo of him zonked out on the sofa:

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Fiona said...

We were at Kidz Planet just last week with the girls! They also loved it, and were exhausted afterwards.
Glad Rye had fun.