Sunday, 3 January 2010

Empathy and Spirituality.

My spiritual endevours have always tended to be ad hoc with a liberal dose of ad lib.  Walking through the woods would lead to laying a hand on a tree, sitting on grass with shoes off and grounding myself, feeling the rhythms of the earth.  Walking by water would lead to whispered blessings and offerings to the resident sprites.  And if I've got a bag handy, I will often pick up litter, I find such endevours are greatly appreciated by local sprites.  At home, lol, well often scolding the house elve for hiding my sissors, keys, purse, cheese grater etc.  I often leave a small offering out in the garden from our main meal.  I tell Rye stories and old folklore, peppering conversations with little wisdoms.  A quiet moment is spent in light meditation, perhaps a spontaneous piece of magic sending healing or perhaps a helping "hand", or very simply well wishes.

Just about everything I make, paint, cook, and bake is peppered with magic - a person can never have too many well wishes after all :-)   The witchcraft and sprituality I practise, is simply daily living in the most part, its an attitude, a way of seeing, of being.

Naturally Rye experiences much of this simply by living with me, but I've wanted to bring a sense of tangible spirituality into our lives.  For most religions there is a church, a synogog, temple etc, for me the sacred place is me and where I am, although there are special places where one can feel the change in the atmosphere, that sense of something otherwordly.  My quandry was how to bring a little tangible spirituality into our daily lives that is very immediate and visual for Rye.  The solution is to light a candle each day, a sacred candle, and then Rye and I decide on a few people to send well wishes too.

Tonight he choose his penfriend Toby, very fitting, as we've decided to use the beautiful beeswax candle Toby and Izzy sent at Yule, and then as I placed the candle on our alter, he said, "Sarah".  We know a few Sarahs, so I sought some clarification.  His reply brought tears to my eyes.  "Sarah and baby not happy, make happy mummy,"  Not quite sure how he knows of Rowan's bout of unsettledness but he does.

Well Wishes Toby.
Well Wishes Sarah and Rowan.


Earthmummy xx said...

Awww :) I think I'm going to cry (PMT anyone?)

Birka said...

Awwwww that´s lovely. I do hope that if it is the Sarah I know that they are ok.

Liz said...

That is a lovely idea. You are right, if you practice an immediate and 'always carried with you' type of spirituality (as we do too) it can be hard to find tangible things to instruct our children, and it's something I've wondered about as well. At the moment, I'm trying to put across the idea of meditation, but as might be expected, it's working better with Freya at 6 than Heath at 4!

Joxy said...

:-) He means a different Sarah Cat.

Apart from feeling uncomfortable, as far as I'm aware Sarah and baby bean are doing well.

sue said...

What a beautiful post :)
blessings, sue xxx

arwen_tiw said...

How very sweet. Intuitive little soul! :)

mummybear said...

That was such a beautiful post and I really enjoyed reading it!!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Oh, I do love this ritual very much. How inspiring! Toby, Sarah and Rowan are all so very lucky!