Tuesday, 19 January 2010

So, how's it going?

Fine.  There's not a huge transition because I was virtually veggie before anyway.  We maybe ate meat a couple times a month, sometimes not even that. 

I popped into Waterstones to have a look see for veggie books, and there was one.  Hmmm.  Amazon it is then lol.  I picked up a lovely Tibetan calander, originally £9, reduced to £2.50, bit more like it!
I have to say, it's been strangely relaxing being out shopping with the kids most of the day.  It's gone very quickly, my charge was wonderful and enjoyed the few times I popped her in the ring sling to go into shops that are a bit too narrow for the buggy.  The transformation in her was quite amazing, in the buggy she was quiet just watching the world go by and sucking her thumb.  In the ringsling she was pointing to birds, laughing and smiling and having a good ole chat with me.

Rye was brilliant too, walking lovely beside the buggy and stopping and waiting when I asked.  There were a few mini "big" feelings; but on the whole I was really chuffed with him.  Bless him though, his poor nose, upper lip and left cheek are looking very red and chapped.  I've put tons of the lip balm on to help, which means, at least, it's not getting any worst.  Really stunned how quickly our collective colds came on.  One minute we were fine, the next we both started sniffling and sneezing. 

I made Rye a kiwi and orange juice smoothie, lots of Vit C, sadly he wouldn't drink it; so I had it, hopefully he'll get some of it through my breastmilk.  Tea was more of that lovely Tassajara bread and butternut squash soup, yum.  And now I think early night for us both, snuggles and maybe curl up and watch a dvd. :-)

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Liz said...

Weleda weather protection cream for dry/chapped cold/cold weather skin, works a treat :)