Monday, 18 January 2010


Flicking through the Tassajara Cookbook, I saw a receipe for "Popovers", which looked suspiciously like a yorkshire pud batter but with a heck of a lot more egg than I'd normally use... have to say tho - the results were impressive.. and very nice with sugarfree jam for breakfast..and later garlic and herb cheese as a snack.

I'd made a start on the bread too.  Gosh, its a very long drawn out process but again the results are worth it! 
And meantime my little charge did some drawing and chewing on pencils while Rye painted his train;

Goodness, he enjoyed this,

Just look at the concentration on his face - not to mention black paint on his face, hehehe.

Finished train drying before being stickered.

Oh yeah, and much, much, much later in the afternoon the bread.  I could wax lyrical about this bread.  This photo was taken just as the bread left the oven.  I then wrapped both loaves in t'towels to soften the crust as I'm not a big fan of crusty bread... and hour later, while the kids slept I tried a peice with some garlic and herb cream cheese... nom, nom, nom!  The bread actually was suppose to be for lunch with the soup, lol but it takes so long to make I ended up swapping around lunch and tea.
Both kids scoffed their soup slicked bread with gusto.  The only niggle is the receipe has too much salt in it for me.  I normally add very little salt to bread; but as this was the first time trying this receipe and method I decided to stick to the receipe 100%.  Mmm, bit too salty I shall reduce that down quite drastically in future.  And as the baking bug had bitten, I decided to make a pear and apple crumble too.

Which to my shock neither of the kids seemed to like very much.  So, I've had to eat it all myself.  Gosh, it's a hard life being a mother...
And then after  the little one had gone home, I checked the train, which now was dry and handed him it to him for stickering.

The stickers haven't lasted long though, seems he decided they needed replacing lol
He is very proud of his train though.  I think I'll have to look at getting him some other painting sets.


September said...

Ahhh, your baking has made me HUNGRY!!! The bread looks amazing :-) I love Rye's train too, where did you get that? He's done a great job with it :-)

Earthmummy xx said...

Toby had the car like that train and loved it. the only bad side is that the stickers wont stick once it's painted :( I wonder if we're meant to put them on when the paint is wet?

Joxy said...

It was a xmas pressie from a friend; its a Melissa and Doug one though, so I imagine they will have them on their site (although my friend bought it from a different site - can't remember which one though)

Oh the stickers seemed to stick ok Izzy, just he's peeled them all off and played with them etc so they are rather mangy and not very sticky now. I saw the car one; have to see about getting ti for Rye to do..although I might just create some models out of paper toilet rolls for him to paint - I don[t imagine he will mind solong he gets to paint lol.

Anonymous said...

Oooerrr, I'm coming to your house for tea! Bread, nomnomnomnom