Tuesday, 9 February 2010


The wind chill is really rather nippy.  I would have preferred to stay indoors and snuggle on the sofa with a blanket watch the children play and maybe watch the odd cookery programme online.
Alas I needed to go to the bank this morning to pay in a cheque, and as my charge, who was a very subdued little girl yesterday and spent the entire day cuddling on the sofa with me - or crying her heart out if I tried to go into the kitchen to make any food - thank goodness for slings, is clearly feeling much brighter today I knew we had to go out and get some fresh air.

Bundled up children, the wee one on my back, wearing Rye's old babylegs to help keep her legs warm and Ryan on the balance bike and off we ambled down into the village.  Decided to have a nosy in the charity shops and found some great bargains.

 Mr Men books, 10p each, can't be bad!  Oh, and I loved Black Beauty as a child and like most little boys Rye is rather fond of Fireman Sam.

 And just look at those fabulous tins!  3 tins inside each other and then an extra oval one.  And I am sooooo chuffed with the large white pots behind; I've been after reasonably large pots or glass jars for ages to put flour in.
And some little matchbook cars for Rye, 10p each.

We arrived home as it started to snow; although it was a very tame affair. 
Rye was very funny, he obviously wanted to play with those lovely cars; as did C.   I intervened when he started pushing her away and yelling at her, and suggested he offer her a toy she could play with instead, so what does he do?  He picks up her cup of water and gives her that.  Cheeky monkey.

The last couple of photos were taken yesterday.  My charge wasn't very well yesterday, her poor mum was torn between staying home with the little one, and needing to go into work.  I reassured the mum that I would call if the little girl got worst or simply wouldn't settle.  So yesterday was spent pretty much confined to the sofa with the little 'un laid on me feeling rather sorry for herself.  Using the ring sling, I was able to make an absoluely gorgeous potatoe and leek soup;
And some more gorgeous tassajara bread;
And Rye, bless his cotton socks, amused himself with his books;

It was a pretty fraught day, I literally couldn't leave my charge for one moment, othewise she would immediately sob her heart out and wouldn't calm down for ages.  Poor Rye wanted her to play but of course everytime he came close and tried to cuddle her, she was pushing him away and would begin to cry.  Bless him, he just didn't understand that she felt unwell and didn't want to play.  Add on, me cuddling another child for much of the day.
Rather unsuprisingly, once she left for the day, he snuggled close and insisted on having my arms wrapped around him tightly.  
Thank goodness she is much brighter today.

Right time to prepare tea and then the little 'un should be awake, ready to play for half hour or so and then some tea..and by then it will almost be time for pick up :-)    Looking forward to it; this cold weather is making me crave my duvet!

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Luschka said...

Your breads always look so fantastic. I think you should offer a masterclass.