Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Imbolc, Gifts and DIY

I confess I haven't celebrated Imbolc today; although the cold, wet weather is a move on from the freezing temperatures and snow of January and there is a sense of anticipation of Spring, I've just not had the inclination.  I may well do something at the weekend; Rye may be at his dad's, assuming his dad's back is ok for him to drive.  Would be a good opportunity to meditate and think about the year to come.

This morning the postman brought me wonderful gifts from my dear online friend, Sarah ; fabulous dinosaur buscuit cutters:
Rye is smitten and immediately asked to make buscuits, unfortunately my little charge stuffs everything and anything in her mouth, so I promised Rye we'd bake while C was napping - 'cept he fell asleep.  
There was a lovely colourful drawing from Jenna; Rye thinks its a drawing of a dinosaur and I can certainly see why;
He insisted we pegg the drawing on our art string.
Sarah spoilt us even more and included this beautiful book, the illustrations are stunning.
This morning also hearalded trying out my new griddle, I've been after one for ages;
Wholemeal pancakes - yum.  So quick now I have a nice large surface to cook them on.
Rye had his with a drizzle of argave syrup and I warmed up some blueberry jam for myself.  Tried my charge with them at snacktime with banana, and she scoffed them greedily this time. :-)
I've broken several of my melanine bowls etc and so decided I could justify in buying a couple of wood bowls for the children and some wooden cutlery.  These are bamboo and simply lovely; that is the kiwi cheese cake I made yesterday.  I had some left for today but unfortunately the kiwi has turned bitter :-(  Poor Rye, he didn't want any last night; and tonight he couldn't have any because it wasn't edible.
Mmmm, spicy lentil cottage pie waiting to go in the oven for tea.  I was torn between craving my red lentil cottage pie or lentil dahl - so I decided  on a bit of fusion cooking.  Rye didn't seem that keen; he ate it but only because I fed it to him, but once my charge decided to try it she tucked in with gusto.
Then once my charge had gone home for the day, I'd relaxed with a cuppa and a nosy online, then a sigh and out came the nittygritty comb and teatree oil conditioner.  To my dismay I discovered Rye still had a few lice in his hair, and worst 2 adult ones.  Which means we're back to square one with the combing.  Somewhat frustrated I've cut his hair even shorter so its much easier to look through and comb in sections;
It does suite him; but I'm not keen, I guess because it makes him look so grown up.  I don't think he's had his hair this short since he was a baby.
And then once he was in bed, after some protestation, I set too building bookcases.  The pine slatted shelves I've been searching for, were available from Wickes;
The shelving feels a bit dominating in such a small room, I'll get use to it though and actually there's a bit more floor space available now.  The seagrass ottaman trunk did us well, alas my poor charge keeps falling face first into it when she's trying to get to a toy, or the lid falls on her - thankfully its very light but still she's not keen.  It also means I can put toys I simply don't want her chewing on, or are a bit too old for her easily out of reach.  The red london bus has little passengers and as soon as she finds one it's straight in the mouth and they are stick in throat size; so now all out of reach.  Similarly the toppings on the wood pizza she keeps putting in her mouth, and while I don't think she could swallow one of those, she does shove the entire piece in there and chomp, and as I've only just bought them I'd prefer they weren't ruined quite so quickly.
It also means I've been able to empty the bookcase near the kitchen door and instead I'll use that one for my cookery/craft type books, I was getting a little fed up of having to move a mountain of books everytime I wanted to walk into the kitchen.  My little charge likes to just pull them off until she finds the one she wants, this way when she pulls all the books and toys off the shelves, at least they won't be in my way to the kitchen.
It also means I've been able to put books, I prefer weren't used as teething aides, or simply ripped to pieces out of her way but still low enough for Rye to reach.
The plan is to crochet and pick up a few baskets to group toys together a bit more and to make it a look a bit neater too.

These shelves are great though, it means I am able to provide an environment that is suitable for my charge and keep toys I either prefer not to be damaged or simply aren't suitable for her, at least not without very close supervision but also have those toys to hand for Rye to play with when C is napping, or has being picked up.  Frankly, I don't much feel like running upstairs for the pirate ship when Rye wants to play with it, and then having to take it back up every evening.  Then there's the added bonus that OFSTED like toys and equipment to be accessible for children to reach themselves - it's not a requirement; but you know it does count toward receiving that "Good" status. :-)


Luschka said...

I think the shelves are a brilliant and space economical idea!

arwen_tiw said...

Aw he DOES look grown up! The shelves look lovely to me, I think you're right it can feel crowding to have wall-height-space taken up but it will soon prove worthwhile to have your carpet back!

Joxy said...

If the kid's reactions to the shelves are anything to go by, definitely a good buy. And ohhhhhhhh, it has been sooooooooooooooooooo nice not to have to keep up a litany of "Out of your mouth C"

Definitely plan to buy some of these shelves for my bedroom. Be nice to actually have storage for everything. My books have been boxed or stacked in corners for soooooooo many years; be nice to have them all out finally. :-) I just feel, odd without books around me.

LesleyA said...

We have those shelves too! They're great and pretty sturdy