Friday, 5 February 2010

Soothing Baking.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I love a bit of baking to sooth tense shoulder muscles and calm a fraught mind.
Today has been tough.  Both kids have been whirled from being overly boisterious and nosiy to whingy, snatching stuff off each other, pushing and generally being little so and so's.

The little 'un is teething, fairly evident from the explosive nappies, chomping on anything and everything and a few attempts at biting - and did I mention the whinging?   Rye, I discovered later, was brewing a cold which is now making it's presence known.  Once the little 'un was in bed for her nap, I confess I put on cbeebies on the laptop and escaped to the kitchen to bake.  Earlier I'd seen the beautiful photos of scones on Hannah's blog; Home Baked. and I was inspired.  I decided to use the dinosaur cutters too.  A bit small for scones, well for me, just the right size for the kids.  The rising of the scones did distort the dinosaur shape quite a bit, so I made some lemon shortbread buscuits - omg, they are delicious, melt in the mouth lemony goodness. Hmmm, I could scoff the lot! lol.
The next photo is from yesterday; I love it though; you can't see but my little charge is playing too and Rye was being so sweet, giving her counters to "feed" to the "hungry giraffe".
And yeah, he's wearing dinosaur pj's, refused to take them off until I pointed out he couldn't go to Kidz Planet like that! Amazing how quickly he stripped then.


Hannah said...

Cool dinosaur cutter! Thanks for linking to my blog :o)

Mon said...

Baking soothes me as well. And the comfort food produced helps too. ;)

What's your lemony shortbread recipe? I haven't made shortbread in so long, and have a ton of lemons that I was going to use for more of my lemony cake. But some cookies would be great.

Here's hoping to peace being restored very soon.