Saturday, 27 February 2010


This afternoon, once my charge had been picked up, I took Rye out for a walk, well I walked, he rode his bike.  Decided to continue the exploration began last night and this time walked to St Martin's Catholic Church.  Beautiful little church with a lovely cemetry - I was also craving a sense of space and nature;

I was rather hoping the cemetry backed onto countryside - alas its a small housing estate, which was very quiet and peaceful - almost errily so.. and then I realised I was actually on MOD private property - oops.  Still, no one who drove past stopped to tell me to shove off or anything; indeed I got lots of smiles as they spotted Rye on his bike :-)

We walked down that road and at the bottom there were some friendly ponies behind a very large fence.  I nearly took a photo, but then noticed a sign stating it was MOD training ground - decided it was prudent not to lol.  Rye was a little intimidated at first by the pony, which was probably about 12 hands; but as we walked away, he rode back to have another look :-)  And then a little further on we met an older lady who commented on Rye's bike and he told her we'd seen the ponies, (although she thought he'd introduced himself as Tony lol).  And then we came to the iron bridge again and coming back there's a slope.  Well, Rye had a marvelous time freewheeling down;

I remember that my digital camera can record video, so I took this short clip too:

Then homeward bound, cheese sarnie; and he's now on the sofa beside me softly snoring :-)
  Have to wake him up, otherwise I'll never get him to bed at a decent hour tonight.


bettywobble said...

Aw how cute is Rye on his bike?!! Wish I had one of those for Lewis when he was younger. And what a lovely looking church :)

Crystalrainbow said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day
Blessings )0(

Eoforhild said...

A very beautiful church building. It looks very old.

The snow drops look lovely.

viv said...

Alanna and I love the bike Joxy, where did you get it from?!

Joxy said...

It was seller on Ebay; although I bought direct from the seller; but can't see them now; however this is the exact same bike..£7 quid cheaper too :-)

Greentwinsmummy said...

What a lovely walk. I love graveyards,they are such peaceful places,lots of nature there too.Sometimes you just have to get out in the fresh air dont you.Hope little man had a good sleep x

nocton4 said...

ok I have to tell you we have watched Rye's lovely little video so so many times already, Oscar is obsessed and laughs his head off as Rye comes down a second time.
He even wants to phone Rams & grand ( his names for my parents ... go figure !! ) and get them to watch it LOL
when it finished the last time, he said " Oddie ( the name he calls himself ) loves that boy and his bike "

Joxy said...

Hehehehe, yeah he's not quite got steering properly yet, he keeps asking me if we can go to the iron bridge (walkover the traintracks) again, bless him.

Its a bit blustery and wet tho, so I think we'll wait for the sunnier weather to come later on in the week :-)

nocton4 said...

so the first thing Oscar said this morning as his eyes were only half open .. Oscar loves that boy and his bike, watch boy and his bike .. Oscar want to paint boy and his bike .. Mama, Oscar loves boy and his bike .... this went on and on and on LOL