Tuesday, 16 March 2010

And............. sit.

Phew, what a day!

Not the most auspicious start to the day because I was so incredibly tired after insomnia hit again and it was about 4am when I drifted off to sleep; only to be woken at 4:30am when Rye climbed into bed and demanded cuddles.  And then proceeded to snore loudly in my ear, keep half laying on me, and poking me in the armpit with his fingers.   Why, why, why???? It drives me absolutely bonkers and I defy anyone to be able to sleep when little sharp fingers are jabbing you in the armpit, (incidently, there's a pressure point there too!).  He has also developed another habit which I cannot abide; I have somewhat flappy arms because of the extra weight, and have a bit of a overlap crease in the nook of my arm - Rye likes to knead that area and I hate it, absolutely hate it.  I've wondered at this reaction; and I think its simply because the skin is so sensitive and I'm just one of those people who has places on their body, (including my feet and the area where my bum meets my leg..you know the area men generally like to pat - hah, not if they know what is good for em!), that I simply cannot bear for other people to touch.  Upshot, I'm trying to help Rye understand that there's simply some kinds of touching that I don't like and he should respect that; just as I respect his various follibles.

Anyway, I digressed.  I dragged my body out of bed around 7:30am, preformed absolutely essential grooming for swimming - amazing how long the hairs can get on one's legs, and remembered why it's advised to use shaving foam - ouch!  Then there was a bombsite of a kitchen to clean up, recycling to put out, laundry to be put on the line; get ready for swimming, package up parcels to be posted, collect children and burst out of the back garden.  I really must be more organised in future; it was  a tad stressful, hurrying and rushing the children; Rye in particularly hates it and becomes so mardy.

Then finally to the swimming pool.  My charge cried her eyes out when we got in the water and my heart sank; but once I got her in the ring seat, and stayed very close with my arm on her back, she calmed and sorta layed forward, popped her thumb in her mouth and well, just relaxed.  She almost dropped off to sleep - strange girl.  Toward the end she perked up and had a good kick, splash and giggle. :-)

Rye, oh I am so proud of my little man.  Remember his revulsion at getting his hair wet?  Well recently in the bath he's been "washing" his own hair; i.e. wetting it with the flannel and scrubbing, (which, is how I wash his hair, when I feel I simply must endure the hysterical screaming, "no mummy, no mummy," sigh), so I was hopeful he at least wouldn't get hysterical if splashed in the face at the pool.

Well, he exceeded my expectations, bless him.  He started by paddling on the top step, then the second step.. then the third and then went back to the first and second step for a while and he played with the half surf boards, and he'd venture a little further, then go back to his comfort zone... until eventually he was in the pool properly :-)  And at one point on a body board, (I think that's what they are called), and allowing me to pull him and C, ( who had perked up), round and round.  They both thought it was hilarious.  Rye didn't want to leave, he was having so much fun :-)

An outstanding success, so much so I'm very tempted to take Rye to pool on Sunday so I can spend some time with just him :-)

The childminding hours will probably be reducing a little in a couple of months because of C's dad requesting visitation.  While it is less money, it may mean I will have Thursdays and Saturdays free, which would be lovely.  C is a lovely child to mind but I admit I do regret somewhat to agreeing to taking her on a Saturday morning, which is balanced by C being with me morning only on a Thursday.  Nonetheless, it's very restrictive and I do miss having more alone time with Rye.  I think working 4 days  and 3 off is a better balance, and of course it will be lovely for C to spend more time with one of her parents. :-)

As for the little man, he conked out on the sofa just after 6pm; woke about 15 minutes later hysterical; I thought he was having some sort of waking nightmare and he seemed to saying he couldn't swim.... then he peed on me.  Delightful.  He's tucked up in bed now, bless him.

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