Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunshine and Warmth.

Another lovely day and the sun this morning was really warm, so warm I took my coat off in the garden and continued gardening with just a sleeveless t'shirt on!  The borders of the garden look so much better and all the bits of rubbish that had got blown into the garden have been picked up; a bush, that I discovered has sharp thorns, has been dugged up, (well, I'd prefer to use that bed for herbs anyway) and just a general tidy around.

Rye enjoyed digging too.  The back border is under some Hylander trees and so nothing grows there, except a few hardy bits of grass and weed; so I dug it all over and decided that could be Rye's digging pit; and wow he had fun;
I plan to buy a sandpit soon too; I just can't decide on the size at the moment.  I was looking at water tables too; but frankly I think £40+ is a rip off; so I plan to start picking up different sized bowls and maybe a large plastic storage type box and drill them together - far better and will cost me peanuts.
Anyway a few more shots of a nice tidy garden; I am looking forward to spending much more time here, plus I want to get on with some planting - I saw some tubs in town on Sunday that were ranged from 50p-1.50p and would make fantastic tubs for growing stuff and colourful too; so I'll be popping into town at some point this week to get some more; plus I need more baskets for the toy shelves.

Regarding the waldorf, finding some really good stuff; I'm not too sure about the not playing with the kids... well actually, no, that part is fine, I too believe that children should play without adult interference as much as possible; whether we like it or not, when we involve ourselves in our kids' play we tend to end up directing the play.... the bit that I'm not keen on is the suggestion of telling the child, for example, you will be the marvelous cook (if you're cooking), while they play some game or other etc.... it just seems  dishonest somehow.  When Rye asks me to play and I am in the middle of something or quite simply do not wish to join in at that time, I tell him so; but instead offer an activity later I know he will enjoy; perhaps painting or playing with his puzzles, building castles etc.  To pretend I'm sort of joining in play, when really I'm just getting on with the cooking or whatever seems dishonest and a little bit manipulative.  Perhaps I've misunderstood? 

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