Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lazy Start to Mothers' Day.

The pitter patter of little feet roused me around 5am this morning, and then rustle of a warm little body climbing into bed beside me and snuggling up, whispering "Cuddle mumeee,"  Then we dropped back off to sleep, waking a little later than normal and Rye leaning over me happily chirping, "It's time to get up, and get dressed!"  Along with my usual morning greeting; "I'm hungreeeee", to which I replied, "There's a suprise for you downstairs on the table", down he ran; but alas my plan of leaving out some snacks so I could have a nice loooooong lie in was foiled by my boy coming back upstairs and announcing, "I'm not hungreeee mumee, I want to cuddle."

So back into bed he climbed and snuggled down, latching on again, while stroking my skin... when he surfaced, and I rolled onto my back, he told me I have, "Flannel boobs"... now I confess I'm stumped by this; or perhaps I choose to be stumped because there is a little voice right, right at the back of my mind that is whispering, "he means floppy".  He then proceeded to tell me I had a big nose,ears, eyes and mouth..oh and big boobs and big belly button.  Love you too son!

Downstairs, once Rye had realised that C wouldn't be with us today, he became very animated requesting lots of painting and crafts.  Unfortunately for my son, I am not one of these people that leaps out of bed full of enthusiasm; I build up to it slowly; I like a drink, a bite to eat and a slow awakening to the possibility of the day... so I countered with baking muffins, which was enthusiastically embraced.  I find baking muffins on a morning very relaxing; of course they are mind bogglingly easy to make and require very little effort.  My kind of baking upon waking!

Naturally, the flour must be kissed and tasted to ensure its "Purfect" for baking;
And then impatiently wait for them to cook AND cool down a bit and for mummy toarrange the muffins on a plate.
"Hurreee up mummeeeee",
"Cheeky little boy",  I reply laughing.
And then positioning one's self at the table with the muffins; and when mama says that's enough; steal one quickly and take a bite to yet another laughing exclamation of,
"Cheeky little boy!".

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