Sunday, 14 March 2010

The afternoon.

What better way to spend Mother's day?

Rye said this is a bird.
 And we are finishing off with take away pizza :-)

Folkestone is blessed with wonderful parks, a lovely beach; both the sandy and the pebble ones and of course the fantastic coastal park.  I do yearn though for a bit more wildness though.  The sea defenses had obviously been shored up over the winter and lots of new stones had been added to the shingle beach and the stone circle has been filled with very fine, very new sand, which jarred the senses a bit.  Rye didn't seem to mind and enjoyed running around, playing, chasing random children he briefly befriended as we walked along.

Nontheless, inspite of the mild jarring to the sense, a very good time was had; and it was lovely to spend an entire afternoon out of doors - indeed, Rye was most reluctant to come home until I promised a ride in a taxi. lol.


Crystalrainbow said...

Glad you had a wonderful Mothering Sunday :) Use to love going to Folkestone is there still that great Sunday market and arcades?
Have an enjoyable evening x

Fiona said...

Gorgeous photos Jacqui.
We miss the Folkestone coast line (particualry when I see pics like that), and both girls love the coastal park. They always insist we visit whenever we are back on holiday!