Thursday, 25 March 2010

Love Thursdays.

Thursdays are a ridiculously full day; but I love em and so does Rye.

Today I woke just after 7am and no little man snuggling so I legged it into the bathroom for a blissfully child free wash.  I actually got to wash my hair without Rye poking my bum and giggling - cheeky monkey!  It wasn't long though before the boy himself was awake and running riot.

Tried to pay the rent and nearly had an heart attack as I appeared to be £100 and odd quid short.. then realised that a cheque that's suppose to be clear today; wasn't showing up as funds available.  I guess quart to eight is too early for the Halifax!

Packed the bag for the day, using my new bag from the Lactivist, which I "won" because I joined the facebook group.  Then unpacked and used a rucksac because I realised it was raining really hard and the library books would get wet.

Set veggie tomatoe sauce slow cooking for tea,  (will add veggie balls once back home).

Walked to toddler group.
Walked to library, apologise for the state of a book and was a little disturbed that the assistant said I may be charged - every library I've ever belonged to before has accepted that books for littleys will get chewed and it wasn't in great condition when I got it out!
Walked to soft play.
Walked home afterwards

Popped on pasta, added veggie balls to the slowcooked sauce - ate tea; finished muffins off.
Quick tidy up and then upstairs, Rye requested to watch Captain Pugwash - but then fell asleep... I don't have  heart to move him into his own bed, so he can sleep in with me tonight.

And tomorrow;  there's a one off muscial and messy play event on at a kids centre in town, so we'll probably go to that.  The weekend tho, will be spent at home... oohhhhh preparing for our guests arriving next Friday and we will all be attending the Faery Festival in Canterbury!

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