Friday, 26 March 2010

In a blink of an eye.

The day began wonderfully, lovely cuddles with Rye and then later on in the morning our veg boxes arrived:
A mixed fruit and veg box, the salad box and milk, eggs, yoghurt and lemons.
I also have a bit of a glut of oranges so I made orange muffins:
Including a glut of apples and I realised there were a few pears too - so apple and pear crumble was prepared and then baked and enjoyed this evening.  
The morning also included a leisurely sit down in the garden while the children played
Colder than it looked though, the sun was lovely and warm; the breeze was a tad brass monkey's tho.  We stayed out until lunchtime and then came inside to warm up a bit.  
I even managed to enjoy a HOT cup of coffee

Then in a blink of an eye an altercation with my ex ruined the day for me and I've spent most of the evening alternating between fuming and being in tears.  
I could have eaten that entire apple and pear crumble but I haven't and instead enjoyed a small bowlfull.

Onwards and upwards eh, tomorrow will be better.


arwen_tiw said...

Wishing sunshine, healing and peace on you today, mama. xxx

lilac73 said...

(((HUGS))) and hoping today has been better

Fiona said...

Also wishing you a more peaceful day tomorrow. And well done for resiting temptation, and not eating the whole crumble!

San said...

So sorry about the hassle, but a big well done for not eating all that delicious loking crumble! Hope you are having a better day today.
San xx

Joxy said...

And go me there's still half of it left in the fridge!

Mind, I have been feeling off colour all afternoon and took to bed; this evening tried to eat some bread and hummus and had a cup of tea and ten minutes later was sick - sigh. On the plus side, I haven't been sick since so I'm hoping I've got a very mild dose indeed and I@ll be right as rain tomorrow.

Luschka said...

Those orange rolls look FAB! Would love the recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing it? I have oranges in our box too and need to use them up.

Sorry about your ex. Hope the rest of the week's been better