Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Play silk joy.

I've delayed buying playsilks for a while now because I wasn't entirely convinced Rye would play with them and they aren't a particularly cheap "toy".  Rye however, loves his playsilks;
Start with a hat and "dress"
 And progress to wearing all 5 playsilks
And lets add a juggling cloth for good measure.
  And then lets take them all off and make castles.  Rye much to my suprise has really taken to an Enid Blyton bedtime story about two children who create a beautiful palace from bricks and leave it standing overnight and the Kind andQueen of Mice come to stay in it.  I find the story a tad boring; Rye enjoys and calls it the "treeblock story"  lol.  So while playing with the gnome homes (the green one is a tree according to Rye), and rainbow tunnel he made "perfect castles".


Roof said...

Oh lovely! Playsilks are brilliant - it is fantastic to see children being so imaginative with them, isn't it, x

September said...

Love the playsilks, they are gorgeous!! Isn't it amazing how stories become so real to them, and live on in their imaginations - Hannah spent months playing The Magic Faraway Tree after we read it and i was just so awed by her ability to submerge herself in the story. It sounds like Rye has that same ability :-)