Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Poor love.

We were having such a lovely time; play indoors, perhaps encourage a little quiet time by reading stories when the kids got a bit too over excited; then we'd go out and play in the garden for 20 mins or so, (very cold), and then back indoors to warm up; play wit musical instruments - the Ukulele has been a big hit with both kids.  Then back out to enjoy a bit of sunshine; then time to come indoors so I could start preparing lunch.

My little charge began to walk toward me, then she tripped over her feet and fell and wow did she scream.  I thought at first maybe she'd banged her chin, so rushed over and picked her up and then I saw the blood.  Oh my, so much blood.  I thought maybe she'd knocked a tooth but all fine and with the pooling blood it was really hard to see what was causing it; although clearly more than a bit lip here.  I wasn't panicked exactly, just terribly helpless and desperately trying to think of something to do; but really all I could do was make soothing noises and hold her until the bleeding stop; mercifully very quickly and then have a little look see.  My poor beautiful little charge has bit her tongue very nastily.  Initially, I thought it was quite superficial; but nonetheless I called mum to let her know.  Then I made lunch; amending what I'd initially planned to give, and instead making cheese souffle, soft banana and a little pita bread.  But she wouldn't eat any of it, her tongue was clearly very painful and she became really rather distressed... and during a cry I got to see the extent of the bite.

Oh my gosh; the poor love has about a cm bite across the top her tongue, maybe 1/4-1/2 inch in from the tip and it is at least 3mm deep, if not deeper, as she cried it gaped.  At that point I abandoned lunch and cuddled my charge and called NHS direct for advice.  I may be first aid trained but a bit tongue wasn't really covered in the training and I can hardly bandage her tongue!  I also wanted to be able to give mum some advice as she hd asked me earlier what she should do, and Id said then I didnt' think it was particularly deep.

The advice is for mum to take the little one to A&E just to get someone to have a look.  The little 'un has fallen asleep, so mum has decided to leave her to have her sleep and then mum will arrive later this evening to take her to A&E to get checked out.  I think its the right decision, the babe is not in danger and letting her sleep I think is the kindest thing. 

Rye was so empathic toward her; he kept telling me she was crying and coming up and patting her back and stroking her hair; in fact he managed to make her smile and help her to forget her sore tongue for a little while.  Bless him.


arwen_tiw said...

Oh ow, poor baby! Hope you're feeling OK lovey. We all know how these things happen, but it must be even harder when it's not your little mite hurting and there is so little you can do. (hugs)

Naomi said...

Ouch, sounds just like what happened to Eloise a few months ago - she slipped in the bath and knocked her chin on the side of it then the bleeding began. Slightly worrying seeing all that blood and not knowing where it's coming from isn't it? Boy can tongues bleed!

Once it stopped bleeding loads, we could see she'd bitten right through her tongue, like only just through but it was gaping like you explained - not a pretty sight. We got on the phone to NHS direct too but had different advise, maybe because Eloise was breastfeeding and managing to use her tongue fine, they knew there was nothing to worry about but we were told to treat it as a head injury and watch out for signs of concussion! Other than that, they said it would heal super quick anyway because tongues do (thankfully!).

Anyway, after that long ramble, you have my sympathies and I was actually able to comfort Eloise with a bf, can't imagine it being someone else's child and feeling totally helpless. (hugs) xxx