Saturday, 27 March 2010

Simply Saturday.

The morning broke beautifully, Rye padding through around 6am for a snuggle and breastfeed - yes, it would seem we are breastfeeding again, he's asking a couple times a day at the moment and there does appear to be milk, suprisingly.  By quart to seven Rye was telling me in his singsong voice that it was time to get up and get dressed and go downstairs.

I soon bundled the boisterous and noisy children outside into the garden and put out laundry and then sat in the lovely warm sun.  I had begun to crochet; but then I started to feel very queasy and headachy.  I thought prehaps my eyes needed testing again, as the same sensation overcame me yesterday when crocheting - although I had forgotten to eaten, so it was definitely a low blood sugar thing.

Managed to ignore the general sense of off colouredness and get on with the morning, and we did have an excellent morning.
Rye spotting a red admiral butterfly, sunning it's wings on the blue bit of plastic in the garden bin
My little charge soon came running over for a nosy too.  She was a little more brave than Rye and wanted to touch, whereas Rye stayed a distance away as he was not sure about the butterfly.
Isn't he beautiful!

I snapped this photo of Rye later, engrossed in making sand castles
My charge left after lunch, and I took the shelves upstairs to build, planning on sorting my bedroom; the exertion left me feeling very unwell and I suddenly felt cold.  I climbed into bed, and thankfully Rye soon dropped off for an afternoon nap too.  I logged on for a while to try and distract myself; but I needed to lie down; and I've spent all afternoon in bed trying to get warm and trying to convince myself I do not have the beggingings of the vomitting bug.  Sadly, I think I do, I was feeling brighter a half hour ago, and as Rye was hungry and wanted a drink I went downstairs and made us some food.  I quickly felt awful though, and I@ve managed half a slice of bread with hummus - I had made myself hummous and tomato sandwiches - Rye's eating them now.  The cup of tea tastes lovely tho.

Ok I need to lie back down now, feel very sick indeed.  Damn it.


Liz said...

Lovely pics of the butterfly against the blue :) it's so lovely to see them , a sure sign that spring is here and summer is on the way (btw it's a peacock not a red admiral ;) )
Hope you feel better soon x

Joxy said...

You know, I didn't think it was, which is why I checked it out online - it seemed a big butterfly so I thought it might be a monarch moth... but no google said it was a red admiral - there you go, a lesson not to take all information online as gospel :-)

Thanks for the info :-)

San said...

Hope you are now feeling much improved

Joxy said...

Yes thanks :-) Seemed to be a flash in the pan, I was sick just after writing the blog last night, then I snoozed for a few hours and then felt much better. What a relief, I was expecting a horrible night wrapped around the loo. lol.

Anonymous said...

I hope you completely well soon!
My husband is really into butterflies, last night he drew a graph detailing what's around when and which weekend he is going to go butterfly spotting!