Sunday, 28 March 2010


Normal service resumed today.  I was ill immediately after posting last night and I did envisage a night hugging the toilet, thankfully, that was to be the sum total of that bout of illness.   This morning I woke up feeling like my ole self, the only difference being Rye and I had slept in later than normal.

This Sunday was deemed a pj day, and Rye played with foam blocks and made the "brick palace" from his story;
While he did that I crochet away and have pretty much finished the circlet; just another ivy leaf to crochet and the buttons to add and hey presto.  I'll post a photo of that later when I've done the last bits to it.

Eventually, I decided I really had to get on with my weekend project; i.e. building the shelves for my bedroom and getting it tidied up, particularly as Sarie and her family are coming to stay next weekend and will be sleeping in my room.   Gosh it needed it too;
From this chaos to this:
And look!  I have room for my donkey easel, (the bench like object on the far wall), I may actually finish the painting I started of Rye 2 years ago now!  The energy moves so much better around the room now its not cluttered and clothes have been put away; and best of all I've got more of my books around me.

Still very white though, I'm a girl who likes her colour, so I think I'll be crocheting some wall decorations, and, perhaps, find the inspiration to do some painting.

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