Tuesday, 23 March 2010


A jampacked day of fun.
Began with Rye coming through at ten to seven this morning for snuggles and then telling me in a singsong type of voice - that it was time to get up and get dressed.
Tuesdays is swimming, so porriage for breakfast and then prepare veggies for slowcooked chilli.  Rye helped too (and ate most of the mushrooms)
Afterwards Rye played outside in the sandpit and on his tractor.  C arrived and she enjoyed playing in the garden too and then indoors and playing with stacking rings and then some crayoning.  Very impressed with Rye's efforts:
A lion
 A bird
 Top drawing is an aeroplane - very impressed by this one!
The kids also coloured in some paper eggs, which I tend cut out and popped on our egg tree;
Then it was time to start making a move for swimming.  Rye impressed the old dears on the bus chattering away about lorries, the different colours he saw and counting various things.   We arrived a little early at the pool; although it did give us plenty of time to get changed into our cossies.  The pool was empty when I arrived, although soon enough a few other families came in.  Rye clearly preferred the much emptier pool and before long he was properly in the pool playing with a ball, and just being so wonderfully confident in the water.  C enjoyed it more this week too - I couldn't blow up the inflateable seat, no matter how much I squeezed the valves etc, so I had to hold her; but she seemed to enjoy that more; and was happier "swimming" on her back and front and she loved it when I threw her in the air, caught her, and then briefly dipped her under the water.
Afterwards we ate in the canteen - oh yum.  Very nice food; and they do a deal of a meal and swim for a fiver!  I had a baguette with brie, cranberry sauce and tomatoe and, gosh it was tasty.  
Once home C went down for a nap and Rye enjoyed playing in the garden some more, then he came indoors and played with his cars etc and then asked to draw some more.  Well, he asked to paint, frankly though, I'm pooped, so I gave him paper and crayons instead.  I don't know if its coincidence or not; but both children are producing far better pictures (well mark making in C's case) since I bought the stockmar crayons.
Rye produced some very detailed drawings this afternoon - he hasn't named his drawings but they look a bit like easter eggs, and he's done very small, precise dots and circles to decorate.  Really pretty.  (forgot to take a photo).

Then once C had gone home, clean up and Rye requested cbeebies; however, he's settled for a dvd and watched a little Bob the Builder.  

A really lovely day and - gasp!  the lounge and kitchen continue to be beautifully tidy!  Perhaps there's something to the waldorf rhythms ;-) - particularly regarding housework. ;-)  See how long it lasts eh.

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