Monday, 22 March 2010


Almost finished Heaven on Earth; A handbook for Parents of Young Children by Sharifa Oppenheimer.  For the most I've found the book interesting and it's sparked some ideas.  Some stuff I find a bit.. well, twee.  Still the ideas of rhythms, of being very mindful of the spaces the children play in, purposeful work - even if the terminology does make me cringe, nonetheless, interesting and some inspiration.

LOL, although my garden is definitely not waldorf inspired.  No suitable trees to climb, not grasses or bushes to hide behind, no hills.  I've got the sandpit, I've got the water play (for when it's warmer), I even had a section at the back of the garden where Rye can dig in the soil etc and that is about it; and then I have a plastic rocker; that converts to a ride on toy, a big yellow tractor and tailer (beloved by Rye), the sorry looking easel, which is only a whiteboard now because I forgot to put it away and the rain/snow etc has ruined the blackboard bit.  A fisherprice? playtent and a pop up tunnel I picked up from a boot fair years ago for a £1... and there's certainly no natural peices of timber etc for building with, ah well, I do my best with the resources I have available - and I do not for one moment believe that Rye is being damaged in any way by having a garden to play in that is pretty much just an expanse of lawn - he seems to rather like it as he rides his tractor or bike around it.  Kids adapt afterall.

I think I will get my own copy of Heaven on Earth - there's a lot of good stuff and I have in the main enjoyed reading it.

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Dawn said...

Sounds like an interesting read. It also sounds like there is plenty out in your garden for exploring, and the rest can be done out on walks (tree climbing, etc).
You can get blackboard paint from DIY stores - could bring new life back to your blackboard. We've used it and it's good.