Monday, 26 April 2010

Birthday Celebration.

George, one of Rye's older friends, turned 7 today.  So, we eagerly treked down to the Coastal Park, (and it was a trek, the zigzag path was closed, so I almost had to walk to Sandgate to get down to the Park.. including across a very rickety and frightening wooden bridge, that Rye insisted stamping on!), to help George celebrate.

A lovely fun day, with a few heart attack moments for me.  Rye is becoming more and more brave; although every now and again he attempts something that is really a bit beyond his development... and challenges my own fears (i.e. being terrified of heights).  Today Margaret helped Rye out when he climbed up too high, because he wanted to try and cross some webbing that I felt was really too high (so high I wouldn't have been able to help him if he half fell through.. and if he fell all the way through, could potentially break something).  She was brilliant, encouraging Rye to go a different way, bositering his confidence.. so that eventually he was climbing up and he was going across the webbing.  I confess I held my breath in fear each time, while at the same time I was thrilled he was achieving something that earlier had him in tears and doubt.

I probably would be a bit more relaxed about such stuff if it weren't for the fact that if Rye did get into trouble, I would find it very physically difficult to get to him.

Anyhoos, a few photos :-)
The birthday boy.
Attempting to eat the entire slice in one go..... while also eating veggie burger too.
  The webbing that gives me the heebiejeebies - although this is the lower one, there's one much higher..t hat eventually he traversed, Margaret encouraging him, while I cringe lol.

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Claire said...

It's so hard to let them freely explore the world around them isn't it. But the look on their faces when they achieve something that was challenging is all worth it.

Luke frequently makes me gasp with his tree climbing antics, and he makes it look so easy too!