Friday, 9 April 2010


Spring is definitely in the air - the presenter on Classic FM even suggested there's a hint of summer in the air... perhaps a tad optimistic, although, certainly it was very warm in the garden this morning.

Today has been one of those lovely relaxing days, the children played and I observed while crocheting.
Originally, this was going to be a headhugger.  I've always quite fancied dreads, I don't have the guts to give it a whirl - so I thought I'd make myself a head hugger with "dreads", hence the long bits.  It became appararent fairly quickly it wasn't going to work - so I've just kept going, and this peice has become "my pick up and do a few rows", when popping C down for a nap, or when the children are playing nicely and I can whip it out for a bit.  Being that it is freeform too, means there's no pattern to follow, which I've discovered is a no-no when the kids are about.
Look shorts!  Rye had shorts on yesterday afternoon.  Yah!  I love shorts.  The sun soon came round tho and cream and hats was needed - well, C wouldn't wear a hat, sigh.  And she's such a pale little thing, and has rather sensitve skin, so I wasn't too keen on using my sunscream (natural stuff), so she ended up in one of Rye's old long sleeved t'shirts.  Must remember to ask her mum to provide suitable clothing and cream for the sun.
Naturally, snacks were eaten in the garden.  He ate all his apple too!  I normally end up eating it; seems the sun and freshair improves apetites and possibly even the taste of things?  lol
Rye was a very happy bunny when I brought Sidney out into the garden!  He does so love that rocking snail.

After lunch, also eaten out in the garden, I popped C upstairs for a nap, bless, she was clearly very sleepy having mostly sat/stood sucking her thumb and watching Rye playing in the garden.  While I settled C, Rye settled himself on the sofa, although he woke up soon after crying and came upstairs because he needed the loo, then he cuddled down into my bed.. and slept till............... 6pm!!!  Very unusual, but he clearly needed the sleep.  (I even dropped for an hour with him!)

A lovely relaxed day; and after the busy-ness of Easter weekend and the Faery Festival, very welcomed indeed.


willow81 said...

Not so warm today! We froze on our walk down to the seafront for a bacon sandwich. Thanks for your congrats re: baby, will be tweeting/ blogging about it in a few weeks when we've had a scan and know all is ok... assuming I can keep quiet until then! x x

Joxy said...

:-) I'm sure it will be :-)

I've been a alazy moo today and not yet surfaced from my bedroom - catching up on series I use to enjoy watching using surf the channel and doing abit of crochet. Trying to get to the dress for Michelle's daughter finished.. I was shocked to realise just how long I@ve had it.. so determined to get it off my hook if not today then certainly as quickly as possible. It's begginning to mock me, I need to finish it lol.