Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunshine galore!

Oh my, what a simply gorgeous day; so sunny and really warm (out of the breeze).  The day started with Rye, myself and my charge out in the garden.  The kids played in the sandpit, chased bubbles, played with the football and various ride on /rocker toys.  In between blowing bubbles, and showing C how to blow bubbles, I made lists for the GP meet at the end of May.  I was hoping to book the Tuesday off too as a day to recover, but unless there is a childminder round abouts with space I won't be able to because the mum can't get the day off as others have booked holiday in her office.  I do hope I can find someone to take the little lass for one day; the thought of childminding after all the travelling back on the Monday, really isn't attractive.

Anyhoos, my charge was picked up today at 1pm and then Rye and me mooched down to the rock pools to join the HE group.  Wow, beautiful sunshine, very warm, lots of fun and laughter an it was so lovely to see friends and see Rye having such a fanastic time.
He's trying to snaffle some sweeties I bought here!
 Scaring me a little here, the climbing frame was pretty high and Rye climbed to the top, eeek.
 This little fella did some amazing jumps in the trees above us - mainly because some older boys were sort of chasing him, I don't think they meant harm though.
 Rolling down the hill.
 There was a panic moment when Rye disappeared.  We had all stayed down near the pirate ship and then slowly made our way further up nearer the main part of the park as it became quieter.  Eventually though friends started to make noises about time to go home and kiddies were getting tired after a very fun day.
I turned to pack up our few belongings, saying I would take Rye up to the zip wires for a go (as he was desperate) before getting a taxi home.  Turned around and he 'd vanished.  My heart was in my throat, as I called his name, tramping up toward the zip wire area and I just couldn't see him and my heart began to pound in fear....
Then suddenly, there he was and I was giving him big hugs and M was asking if I was ok.  Gawd my heart, I'd expected to see him either on the slide or near the zipwires, and when he wasn't there I did really start to panic.  I was too relieved to shout or anything and just gave him a big hug trying to explain that he must stay near.  Bless him, he's oblivious that what he did was wrong, and looked at me as if I was a nutter and just pulled me toward to the zipwires.  He does normally have run of the park, and in hindsight, I recognise I shouldn't have mentioned us going up to the Zip wires on the way home becuase he just took himself off up there.

Next Thursday we're hoping to go to Lyminge Forest - I do hope the weather is as beautiful!


arwen_tiw said...

Loove the Pirate Ship!

missking said...

it really has been a beautiful day hasnt it. tomorrow is meant to be good too. we are hoping to do a nature hunt in a local woods.
i love that park on the leas, my friend lives near there. the sky looked so blue!

Joxy said...

Gorgeous, the taxi driver said the forecast was lovely for the weekend too and temperatures might even reach 20 degrees!

Ohhh the pirate ship is fab... the zip wires though, they are brilliant! Wouldn't mind a go myself, but I'm too big.

Crystalrainbow said...

It was a glorious day wasn't it :) looks like you had a great time x