Tuesday, 18 May 2010

What better way to start the day?
Rye in his pj's playing in the sand box and enjoying the early morning sunshine.
In the park picking dandelion clocks to blow.  There were so many to choose from, he became quite giddy.  Even my charge had a go at blowing the the seed heads and found it a hilarious experience.  (I think the seeds tickled her nose).
This is a very, very significant drawing.  Not only is this Rye's own attempt at drawing a chicken, based on the outline I drew for him the other day when he made his Aunty Jen's chicken card, and a very impressive attempt indeed.  I suddenly noticed he was holding the pencil correctly.  He swaps from the fist hold to the pincer grip, and back again; the pincer grip is becoming more prevalent.  I credit this to the stockmar crayons.  There's barely a day that goes by without Rye using this beautiful crayons; and the blocks encourage Rye to hold them in pincer grip rather than fist hold.  And apart from my initial attempt to correct Rye a wee while back, I haven't persisted because he's at that age where he wants to do everything himself.  And mummy, "helping" when not asked for, is not appreciated at all.

A lesson for me, to be a little more trusting that Rye will work these things out, given time, love and patience.

There's that Oak Tree again :-)

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What a fab picture Joxy.

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