Saturday, 12 June 2010

Through the Keyhole #5 - Coffee Table.

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we don't care how 'unpolished' it is, we're just nosy!

This week's Through the Keyhole; hosted by Holistic Mama is all about coffee tables.  
Thing is, I do not have a coffee table, I could probably fit one in; but at expense of space for the children to play.  I do however have a large pouffe, that at different times doubles as a foot stool, spare seat, coffee table, art table, changing table, and something to jump off.
This morning we went into town, spur of the moment, I was listening to the local radio, while crocheting, (the pink fabric at the back - it's a dress), and heard there was a multi-cultural festival on.  So, shoes and jackets, and ring sling found and out the door we went.

While in Folkestone, it seemed rude not to pop into the yarn shop.. and the pouffe is showing the fruits of that "popping".  Some DK crochet cotton, 100% new wool in "Thyme" and some green ribbon - the ribbon is to make some parachet balls for the kids to play with.

The pouffe is basically a dumping ground.  When I'm childminding it's kept mostly clear, come the evening, when it's just Rye and me, it fills up with various craft projects, books.. and very often the laptop....

And look at that, my son is almost tall enough, that when he's sat on the sofa, his feet reach the pouffe!


Roof said...

I love your throughthekeyholes! I keep meaning to join in but am always to far behind the times - maybe I'll save them all up and do an epic post... Anyhow - I am glad to see any other example of a 'dumping ground' - our house has several! xx

Earth mama said...

I just wanted to comment that my husband has the same wallet that is in your picture. This is the only time I have ever seen that exact one! lol

Mon said...

thanks for sharing your 'coffee table'. it sounds like a pretty fun pouffe!

yarn still has to be kept out of reach right now. how was the festival? oh i miss those in uk.

Anonymous said...

We won't have a coffee table soon enough either since we're moving from our considerable spacious home into our RV. I'd be interested to find out how coffee tables came into being, and if we even use them now for their original purpose or something else :). Funny how things morph this way.

Joxy said...

I bought mine from Whitby, um, five years ago now, I think :-)

The festival was ok, we didn't really see much because Rye is a bit sensitive about noise. I'm hoping that gets better as he ages. I remember the first one I took him too, it was a Faery Festival in Deal, and we arrived when there was drumming on.. Rye was a wee tot and in the sling on my front (a storch), and he really got into the beat, moshing with his eye closed.

Sigh. Shame the same sounds scare him now :-(

lilac73 said...

Whitby's lovely, nice and sunny today. Hope Rye grows out of the extreme sensitivity to noise, E is starting to at 4.5 years