Sunday, 17 October 2010


So, I watched Nigella's new show on Iplayer this afternoon.. and one of the recipes was Spaghetti with marmite.  Sounds awful, but I was intrigued and I do love marmite... bleurgh not with pasta.

Rye seemed to quite like it... I may have used a bit too much marmite.. but I'm really not in any rush to make this recipe again.



Rachel said...

Joxy that sound foul!!!But then I HATE marmite LOL!

Dawn said...

No! That sounds awful, but then I don't like marmite either ;-)

Joxy said...

LOL, I really like marmite, but gosh yes it was foul. And it took forever to get the taste out of my mouth too.

I think I used too much marmite, but yeah, it really wasn't my cup of tea either way. Although I was suprised that Rye ate most of his!

Flower said...

sounds horrible...but also intruiging...might have to look it up and have a go just out of cuiosity!