Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Day 3.

Day 3 and the end of the week for my minded little boy.  Another lovely day.  He and C have played beautifully and he seems to have a very calming influence on her :-)

After the little girl went home, I took the boys, (Rye arrived back as C was going home), upstairs for a bath and gosh, heartbreakingly cute.  Rye was so brave too, he let me "wash" his hair without any tears at all, and he told me he likes having a bath with A and that he loves A too.  Leaky eye moment there!

Exhausting adding another child to the setting, but I am deeply impressed the way he's settled in - and he's just so utterly lovely.  I am, although, very happy that tomorrow is my non childminding day, and also Friday morning is non childminding too.  So a nice day and half to recover, lol.  Then C comes back to the setting for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and then another day and half before the week will start again, this time with 3 children in total. 

Anyway, this evening, I suddenly remembered there was a parcel for Rye from Michelle.  I pointed it out to him and he said, "Ohhhhh a gift, for me?"  I explained it was from the lady I crocheted the pink dress for, and he said, "I like gifts, mama."  bless him.  Anyway he tore open the wrapping....
And out fell a whale and it's baby and two darling little pumpkins :-)
He's spent most of the evening covering them up with a blanket and then chattering away about how he likes to get gifts.......and then "oohhhh look at the lovely gifts," once he's pulled the blanket off, and then he progressed to making the whales castles to live in :-)

Thank you Michelle, they are lovely an Rye is very taken with them.. the pumpkins will make it onto the season table soon.. for now Rye won't let me near, lol.
And writing of season tables.
This is how ours is looking now.. and you can see Roof's lovely autumn dolls she sent us :-)  I think they look lovely on the table.
The little dolls really remind me of Mother Earth's children in the book on the season table, and almost like they are the children of the beautiful Autumn felted lady that we received last Autumn.  I do love Autumn, has to be the best season for a season table - surely! :-)


Becky said...

Lovely items there Joxy, and glad to hear the childminding is working for you all.

As ever, still considering it. Do you think it will still work when Rye is older and you are childminding toddlers? (this is the position I would be in)

Joxy said...

Might be worth having a look at Lima's blog and maybe emailing her? She's a childminder too, with 2 teenagers, so she'll have more idea what it's like childminding with older kids.

It is something I wonder how it will work as Rye gets older and I want to take him places. My plan is to always keep Thursday (HE grp day) free and use that for meeting up with other HE kids and for visiting places.

I've also decided that I really do need to get a car as this means I can go places more easily and yet still be back for pick up. I'll wait until after the New Year and when I've paid my tax and see how much money I've left over. (I've put away more than I should have to pay, if any indeed).

arwen_tiw said...

Oh I totally agree that Autumn is the BEST season for collecting things and making pretty displays, I love the Autumn season table. :)

Shell said...

Love Rye's gifts, very beautiful.

Autumn is definitely my favourite season too - not just for the season table, but for everything.


Michelle said...

I'm so pleased he likes them.

Jacqui said...

It has been lovely to read about your week with the new little lad - so glad it is working out. You sound a bit like Mother Earth and her root children yourself jacq:) I do like autumn season tables, but then when Spring comes along, i like them too... xx

Monica said...

wow, the childminding seems to be going so well. how interesting that a 3rd child has had a calming effect. almost like balancing some sort of energy?

spotted that book there, going to check it out on amazon.

enjoy the rest!

Joxy said...

Mother Earth and her children, is beautiful, Mon.

Michelle, he keeps taking the pumpkins back off the season table, scowling at me and saying they are "his" gifts. lol.

Awww, thanks, Jacqui.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad things are going well with the new babe.

And the table is lovely!
I'm loving our table right now, too - how can we not love it this time of year? :)