Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I thought while all the children are napping, I'd blog.  While I would love to be napping too, I am really tired; inspite of an early night I didn't sleep well and then woke at half four-ish and couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided I might as well get up at 5am.  So if I try to have a nap now I know I'll feel groggy and yucky because I need more than an hour!

My solution for tiredness has always been to get out of doors.  So, I decided to take the children to Radnor Park to feed the ducks and have a bit of a nature walk..... and to attempt the bus with 3 children - all walking.
It was OK.  Two on reins was a little frustrating at times, you know how it is, the veering across your path, suddenly deciding swinging is more fun than walking, that sort of thing.  But in all the younger two walked really nicely and Rye was a star.
I took wild bird seed down with me, as I seem to recall bread isn't really that good for ducks.  not really sure how much seed the ducks got, the pigeons and juvenile seagulls just dived in, not giving anyone else much of chance really.
Rye was a little poorly yesterday, and while he seems recovered, he's a little subdued, so he mainly sat next to me and just watched the other two throwing seed for the birds.  A, the little boy, bless him, kept throwing seed over me, rather than turning around and then throwing.
See the large bird in the background, there were two of those.  I recognised the bird, but I cannot for the life in me think of their species.  They are fish eating birds.. argh, it's drivng me bonkers, I must go and look it up in  a bit.

Then it was time for a walk around the park and to look for conkers and acorns.  Hmm, found one conker - and it's a very poor speciem of a conker.  Collected a few leaves for crafting with later.  There is a large conker tree and its obviously dropped loads from all the casings - but alas none to be found.  Several large oakes and couldn't find any acorns.  Squirrels have been busy, I guess.
A very large patch of mushrooms.  I had planned to take a few more photos to capture the sheer number; alas I looked up realised A wasn't coming to look and instead running in the opposite direction - nor did he come back or stop when I called, so I had to leg after him.  He was not very happy as I insisted on keeping hold of his reins after that.
A pitstop at the children's area.  There is a second playpark on the side of the park with the duck pond - but it's been ripped out and a new one put in, which looks like it will be fabulous - sensory play, muscial play, different types of swings etc.  Brilliant.  Hehehe, poor Rye, he's grown so tall, he's really too big for the toddler swings now, but that's all there was so he kept his feet up and had a wee swing;
And then back on the bus to come back for lunch..and naps.
Ohhh, and it sounds like one of the kids is awake, so back to it then :-)



September (or Susie) said...

Is it a heron? Not that i'm much of an authority on birds so actually it's as likely to be an owl lol!! Rye is looking soooo grown up now, especially on that little swing! He is gorgeous!

nocton4 said...

busy times Mama, hoping you get some more sleep x

arwen_tiw said...

Not surprised you are tired! I hope you are sleeping OK in general, and the broken night was the exception these days. (hugs)

And yes, seed is much better for ducks. Bread swells in water so it fills them up too much! The children worried at first that the seed sinks so quickly, but they soon enjoyed the additional fun of the ducks fishing for it. :)

Eoforhild said...

Those mushrooms look spectacular!

At our local(ish) duck pond they don't like people throwing bread because it can attract rats etc.

Joxy said...

No, it's not a heron. For some reason I keep thinking Gormanghast, but obviously that's not a bird, lol. I will lever myself off the sofa at some point and have a look in my bird books.

I am looking forward to being re-acquainted with my bed shortly. The main problem is just the itching and I've run out of anti histamines. Gah, never taken so many before. Although not entirely sure why I woke up so early, I wasn't itching particularly badly. Ah well, hopefully sleep better tonight and feel more refreshed in the morning.

Ohhh yeah, there was a really large patch, I'd wanted to take a few more photos to show the sheer scale, alas A decided to run off and I had to leg after him. Little tinker.

Dawn said...

Not sure as can't see it all but it may be a type of Cormorant (?)

Hope you catch up on your sleep xx

Roof said...

Hope you are feeling better rested now xx

LesleyA said...

Is it a Gulliemot? I think that's how it's spelled!

Joxy said...

Bingo, Cormorant :-)

Cheers for that :-)