Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Fantastic stuff!

I've made various other homemade play/salt doughs; but not gloop before.  I think I had more fun that the kids; the younger two were a little dubious at first, but they soon got stuck in :-)

Marvlous.   I wish I could show you the photos of the other two kids.  Their faces were hilarious; but they soon lost their reserve :-)

In other news, the new toys I ordered for the setting have arrived.  I bought them from We Love Toys  I bought the wooden pram, a rabbit ride on and then a couple of things for Rye for Yule/Birthday.  The pram has been a big hit with C, she has run all around the garden with it; only slight problem is the boys are fascinated and want to push it too.  I'll just have to find some screws to fix the wooden trolley that's currently residing in the shed.

Today though has being much more pleasant. Yesterday was somewhat frazzling.  C has a tendency to turn on the water taps to try and get her own way.. and I mean every five minutes or so.  I was literally banging my head on the wall at one point.  Add in that both children are teething and explosive nappies.. gawd, what a day.   

Today, so far, has been much more pleasant. 

Ohhh, kids have finished their lunch (finally!) so I shall get the minded kids upstairs for a nap, Rye has requested to watch a dvd.  Annoyingly, my laptop has stopped playing dvds.. must be a codec issue.. but that is about as much as I know, hopefully a friend's computer whizz friend can solve the problem; bit of pain not being able to watch DVDs downstairs.

Right gotta go - have a lovely afternoon, folks :-)


mamaUK said...

I learnt how to make gloop in my post grad for being a primary school teacher. I think I had alot of fun that morning! By the way, i love Rye's hair cut, very cool!

Stephanie said...

Is it the cornstarch concoction? I so love that stuff. Marvelous.
Easy to make, easy to clean up. :)

I'm glad you had a lovely day!
They certainly keep us going and hopeful.

Joxy said...

Thanks mamaUK, lol although it's getting to the length where it needs trimming again - always a nerve wracking operation lol.

Yup, cornflour and water. I did see a recipe using cornflour, borax and PVA glue - but I decided cornflour, water and natural dye was a better option with 2 toddlers who are likely (and did) try to eat the stuff and a son who is frustratingly chomping on his fingers every two minutes.

LOL I thought the recipe of 2 cups of cornflour to a cup of water was wrong though, as I was stirring with a spoon and it looked so liquid... wasn't until I poked with a finger I realised it was all.. er.. well, gloopy lol.

Becky said...

Ooh, gloop :-) My kids LOVE that stuff :-)

I have to say, I'm too lazy to do this very often and rely on home ed group activities for them to get their gloop fill, so kudos to you!!


The Blue Faerie said...

Yay! I love gloop! We make this with the middle schoolers during afterschool clubs and they have a blast. Well, when we're keeping them from hurling it at everything that moves. :P