Thursday, 21 October 2010


Woohooo, so this morning, took Rye to toddler group and then afterwards I picked up the sewing machine.

I get the distinct impression this is not a machine that has been used much; and has been left to sit and gather dust.  Its a little grubby, so once I'm more familiar with how it works and I'll have a go at giving it a good clean.  I am, very excited.  A sewing machine, woohoo.

On the green parent forum I was asked what I wanted to make and I was a bit blank; but I've suddeenly started thinking; ohhh I could make a cover for the 4ft ottoman beanbag - something nice and colourful.. and for the large pouffe.  Then there's the dining chairs.   I could make nice colourful covers... and I really do want to have a go at making my own bunting - especially as Rye's birthday is in just over 3 months time.  It would be great to learn how to make my own skirts too. 

As a big lass I've tended to wear darker clothes.. but these days I've embraced those exceedingly goddessy curves and love bright colours.  Perhaps I could even learn how to make simple tunics, as I am a fan of long tunics... then of course learning how to make things for Rye too.

One of the first things I will be doing, once I've become a bit more familiar with the machine, is sewing a lining into this crochet bag:
I love this bag, but without a lining it's stretching too much and spoiling the look of the bag.

Oh my gosh, I've had a thought.... a cloak.  Embrace the cliche :-) 



mummybear said...

What a bargain!!! Enjoy your new sewing machine.

Valerie said...

You are so lucky, I would really like a sewing machine but the cost SO much. Looking forward to seeing your future creations.

Eoforhild said...

That is an awesome machine. What a great find.

If I can recommend that if the machine has a greasy dust anywhere on it, you clean that off first, especially around any moving parts. A soft clean tooth brush should do the trick if there is no brush in the kit.

Joxy said...

Ohhh thanks for the kit. Yes it does have a greasy dirt and yup around the, er bobbin is it? The bit that has cotton wound round it in the compartment under where the needle goes in... (lol aren't I technical lmao). Thanks for the tip of a soft toothbrush :-)

I've been umming and arring over a sewing machine for ages. I had planned to buy a new one that came wih lot of cottons etc for £99, as some GP mamas were able to give me good recommendations for it. But when I saw this one in the charity shop - it felt like providence, so I immediately ran in and said I'd buy it :-)

Becky said...

Yes, a real bargain and sounds like fate :-) I LOVE that bag - gorgeous. And it sounds like you have enough ideas to keep you going.

I went and bought a few patterns before realising the second hand machine I'd bought (off ebay) was knackered. I've got to keep an eye out for another one, or just sod it and save up for a new one.

Good luck and keep us posted on your creations :-)

mel said...

oooooh - love a bargain!!

i'd desperately love to be able to use a sewing machine -- there's one in the family (not being used) -- but I have this pathological fear of the bloody thing (emotionally scarring experience leftover from Home Ec. class during my school days...LOL!)

It may be time to face that fear though...I have so many IDEAS..and things I want to sew....



Pippa said...

Yay!! You'll have fun with that machine!! Looking forward to the things you make with it!