Sunday, 19 December 2010

Eventful morning that had me leaping out of bed, pulling on my dressing gown because I could hear Rye screaming for me.  I assumed he'd managed to somehow pull the yule tree off the season table onto him.  Nope, my lad had decided to go frollicking in the snow in his pjs and locked himself out. 

I thanks the Gods frequently that I heard him - a day or so ago I may not have with the infection in my ear and the tramadol knocking me for six.  No idea how long he was out there; certainly long enough to be damn cold and to scare himself silly.  Swiftly grabbed him and settled onto the sofa for skin to skin warming up, and covering a duvet around us.  Poor baby, he cried and clung to me for ages.  The keys hence forth are completely inaccessible to the young man - I really do not want a repeat of this!

After that scare the day settled into a nice domestic sort of day.  Little bit of a tidy up; sit down with a cuppa and recover from the activity - bit more clean up.  Rye played with M&S train tin that I kept from a previous Yule, and was very impressed that his brio trains "connected" to the back:
We made mincemeat muffins, which were a little difficult to get out of the tin because Rye had dribbled the mixture down the sides.  Tasty, if a tad too sweet, must reduce the sugar next time.
Then some more tidy up - I may not have persisted so much if I weren't working tomorrow, but I am so I need the lounge and kitchen presentable.  I do have a nice sense of accomplishment now though and it is so much more relaxing to settle down in a tidy (ignoring the dining table which I've still to clear properly), lounge, candles flickering, Yule lights twinkling.  Ohhh, I am so looking forward to Tuesday!

During one of my frequent rests to get some puff back; I showed Rye how to make an eye of god.  Bless, he didn't really get it; but I figured him having fun was more important that technique at this stage:
He just wrapped the yarn round any old way.  Still, its a method :-)
I made one too, I want to add some buttons, but I'll need to use the hot glue gun for that, so a task best done when little boys are in bed - and I've realised I need an extention so I can sit at the table and glue.  This is not something I particularly want to do sat on the sofa with things precariously balanced on sofa arms and what not.
Ohh, and last night I found the pattern for hooking the african flower motif, while mooching through various crochet inspired blogs.  Such a pretty motif, I made it into a tree decoration:
Ohhh and our Yule decorations - the window does looks lovely and festive; and when its twilight so you can still see out and all the snow it looks soo magical and festive.
We need to do a few more snowflakes for the window I think :-)  
And the tree:
Sitting here and looking at the tree it doesn't look so haphazard as the photo would have you believe. :-)  I am miffed about this tree though, I specifically wanted a potted tree so I could reuse it - turns out that most potted trees are dug up and in doing so the root ball damaged so they can't be replanted afterwards.  Damn con, what is the point then of putting them in a pot????  This is such a lovely little tree too, I am hoping against the odds it will live.  Otherwise next year I'll have to see if I can find a pot grown tree that is replantable.

That niggle though isn't spoiling the increasing excitement as Yule draws ever nearer - 2 more sleeps :-)


arwen_tiw said...

What a shame, I do hope your little tree survives!

More (hugs) after your scare, too.

Lilith Noor said...

I hope you're keeping track of all these little 'misadventures' as bargaining points for a really nice care home in your dotage :D

My parents have had several potted trees, all of which have survived being planted out in the back garden, and were eventually evicted when they started to erode the shed foundations. I reckon yours has as good a chance as any!