Saturday, 4 December 2010

Hooky galore!

I can actually only show a few makes because the most are gifts and I'm not entirely sure if the folks I've made them for regularly check the blog; (they aren't on rav though, so all the makes will be put in there, bar one; my season swap offering- which go me, is finished!)

 A hat for my mindee, using a shell stitch for the pattern.
Still playing with the shell stitch, I made myself a pair of wrist warmers - and very nice and warm they are too!
The sudden cold spell meant nice warm slipper socks were urgently needed!  Lovely and warm these are;  made them out of the Debbie Bliss Sublime organic 100% wool I bought, in the sale, from Get Knitted.  Felted beautifully and gosh, so warm and cosy.
A pair of rainbow slippers socks for Rye; these were suppose to be part of his Yule box; but again cold weather has necessitated them beng used sooner.
I have some liquid latex that I've applied to the bottom too, so not so slippy on laminate floors.  I think I need to add some more as I applied small dots, which have flattened into the stitches during wear.
These I have made for my friend's mum.  I just need to felt them down; which will bit a bit of a guess work.  She's about a size 2-3 shoe size - have to see if I can discover a length measurement for that size.
These I love.  The colours aren't really done justice by the photos.  I was inspired by Attic 24's post here  She used a vintage potholder pattern than she adapted. I've used motifs from my book; " Beyond the square: Crochet Motifs" by Edie Eckman.  I don't have any suitable big beads..b ut boy do I want some!  I love her decorations and the colours, definitely want to play some more with other motifs and pretty up further with beads!  My problem is I buy beads that I think are big.. and when they come they are piddling.    So suggestions for big bright and colourful beads please :-)
The other side of the stars.  I've got a couple of round mofits I'm playing with too, for decorations.  They should be finished tomorrow.

Ohhhh, and I've done a beautiful season swap item too; can't wait to show it off, I'm very proud of it.  Alas, this is all I can show for now. ;-)


Talie said...

Lovely! I can't wait to learn. Those rainbow slippers are super gorgeous! Good to have you back online. Missed you xxx

Shell said...

Lovely makes you've got going on there. Glad your back online.


Lilith Noor said...

Gorgeous projects!