Saturday, 4 December 2010


Gosh too much to write about in a post, so I'm just going to post a selection of photos I've take over the recent weeks:
Our bursting at the seams, season table.
Autumnal walks at the park and feeding the ducks.
Playing at the new playpark:
I love this photo; it was taken on a cold Autumn day on the Lees.  We had been to a science show called the "Big Noise".  Sadly Rye hated it and we had to leave.  Still the views as we walked back to the bus station were spectacular.
The onset of freezing cold weather and snow hearalded a change in the season table.  The Winter King has woken!
At first it was a dusting, with just enough for a small snowman.

And then the "heavy", (sorry I find it hard to call a few inches of snow heavy!  I grew up in yorkshire where it was measured in feet!), snow came:
The garden did look pretty.
Late afternoon play at the little park.
Snowballing mama, sigh.. and frequently hitting me in the face with snow.  Hmph, wheres the respect eh?  ;-)
Haha, mama revenge!
He slid almost to my feet, combine, snow, ice and water proofs on a slide.. wow.   He was very impressed.
Back home to get warm, and do a little bit of building
Not a great deal of art and crafting as we've been out a lot and both children have developed a passion for the train tracks and the building blocks, so that has been the main activity when we've been indoors.

The snow is all gone now.  It was in place perhaps a foot in places were it had drifted; in the main it was about 6 or so inches.  But last night and all today it has rain very hard, and the temperature has risen noticably; so apart from persistent ice; it's all gone.

There's also been some baking happening - for a while I've been a bit out of sorts with cooking and baking; but my mojo is coming back; and we've enjoyed some lovely muffins, cookies, soups and bread.

I have rather enjoyed being internet-less too.  How on earth did I get anything done before?  I've done a few fairly large crochet items in a few evenings; before it would have taken me a good week if not more! 
I've decided to try and limit myself to a couple of evenings a week for blogging, checking out forums, emails.  There have been times when I've felt rather isolated; overall though I've enjoyed being more present with Rye... heck I've even read three or four books! 


Arlenkern74(cornish mummy) said...

nice to catch up on your happenings xx

Jacqui said...

Lots of lovely stuff here J :). Heavy snow here again this morning. xx