Friday, 22 February 2013

Phew Busy Day!

Today has been a bevy of activity! 

I've had my mindee today, so this morning the children had a go at Yoga using the Pretzel cards, they made towers etc with wooden blocks, played board games, played with the dolls, played What time is it, Mr Wolf? until I had to suggest an alternative game as they were getting a bit over boisterious.

 Parents came to see me about minding their 10 month old daughter.  Gosh, was cute as a button; mindee kept her entertained, and oh that little girl had the cutest wee giggle I've ever heard on such a young one. 
It all sounds very positive, and I think I have the gig; mum's work is being obtuse about finalising days, once she knows she'll get back to me... and dad wants to check my references and actually call my referees.    Mum goes back to work mid March. 

The children played up a wee bit while the parents were here, and I did have to get quite firm with Rye bossing mindee; and omg, the noise levels - it is the same effect as when talking on a phone... kids know you're occupied and get loud and very silly.  Toerags!  I had firm words with Rye after the parents left, I was not overly amused by his behaviour.

Clearly, some outdoor time was required, not overly keen it is bitterly cold today and has been snowing on and off all day.  But once out, it was good; kids enjoyed picking leaves and the few berries left on shrubs,

and then we went to the small playpark and they climbed, slid, swung, ran around, attempted to climb a tree etc. 

And then back to a deliciously warm house to make paint:

It's been a good day, despite the odd bit of misbehaving, and refereeing the odd squabble.

Indeed, how could it be a bad day when an online friend sends a surprise gift in the post!

I am so very lucky :-)

I shall be adding these charms to my dreads :-)


Becky said...

Oh gosh yes! the noise levels are sure to rise when you really don't want them too. Sounds promising about the new family, hope it works out for you xx

San said...

Just catching up, you do a great job keeping them entertained and busy!

Love the crochet diva charm, so true!

San x