Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Oh yes, lurginess has struck again. So home remedies galore here; held back the worst of the symptoms so far; nonetheless I'm feeling very washed out and Rye is not looking terribly well either - and I dare not flood his system like I am mine with Vitamin C and various other herbal remedies. He is getting the recommended dose of a multi vit and a child's dose of echinacea; and I'm keeping sugar and dairy to the bare minimum.

Hous is a bit of a tip as a result and of course the dishwasher has decided to have yet another moment and is refusing to wash dishes. Gah. So a dishwasher full of dishes to wash on top of what we've used today. I really dislike washing up.

In other news, the contract for the little boy I was minding has ended. The dad's business has folded rather dramatically so they can't afford to have the boy with me anymore. Such a shame, the little boy was so lovely and how awful to loose everything, especially this close to Christmas. :-(


Valerie said...

My dishwasher left home to go to Uni haha (my eldest son btw). Sorry you are under the weather, take care of yourself and feel better soon xxx

Becky said...

Hope you feel better soon Joxy. Horrible time of year for illnesses in my experience.

Typical that the dishwasher has gone at this time - ach. This sort of thing always happens doesn't it. Our hoover's gone at the moment which is no fun in a house of 6 people, 2 cats, a dog, and a rented house with cream carpets :-(

Get well soon,

Joxy said...

Yes but on the plus side, at least I don't feel to awful for snuggling on the sofa with a blanket when the weather is wet, blowy and cold. The children are going a little stir crazy; so a trip to the wee park is in order this afternoon.

Poor Rye though, he's definitely coming down with the cold and making him very intolerant and dramatic. Add in he's reaching that age where he's seriously pushing boundaries - and this week has been a tad shouty and some seperating of the children just to get through the days. Feel a tad mean making him go upstairs when the noise and silliness gets too much - although he is going ito my room and watching a dvd - so I don't think he minds too much lol.

Roll on feeling better and taking these kids out for hours to play, jump and shout.. rather than half hour or so at the park that has been their lot the past few days.

And yes, the dishwasher is causing much vexation. Dratted thing. I'll just have to get use to handwashing again. GAH