Friday, 31 December 2010


I am without a doubt very grumpy to be ill again - particularly as its my son's 4th birthday tomorrow and I've had to cancel his teaparty because I'm too ill to bake all the goodies he wanted:

snowman cake
jelly and icecream
bear and pirate buscuits

and others I can't remember now.  Rye was also very upset when I gently told him I would have to postphone his tea party at his Aunty Jen's.  I tried to explain we would do it next weekend when Iw as better, but he doesnt' really understand.

Bless Aunty Jen, she's going to have a go at baking him a snowman cake and come round tomorrow with sarnies, jelly and icecream and cake, and we'll have a mini tea party for him.  Aren't friend's wonderful :-)

I feel a little less upet and miserable  now.  Its still not that birthday I'd hoped to give Rye..but tomorrow will be a lovely suprise for him.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by good friends.

I am also so very grateful.


windingcirclelifeschool said...

Bugs always come at the wrong time, and its always hard when little to understand postponing things.Sometimes i still have trouble with that.I am sure he will still have a good time and will be delighted when celebrations do occure.Touching wood that its just something that will be out of your system in a day or so.And Happy birthday Rye.Hugs

Joxy said...

Thanks hun. He's happy enough, I'm rationing the pressies as there's quite a pile, so he's opened a few now, and he can open a few more after our walk. His dad even called him this morning, so he's a very happy little boy. :-)

Bless him, he does keep insisting he's 3 though. lol

Lou said...

Oh dear, I hope your day has gone well today and that Rye has had a lovely day. We send him many Happy Birthday wishes xx Lou & Charlotte xx