Monday, 30 May 2011

Green Parent Meet - May 2011.

This weekend was the Green Parent meet in the Forest of Dean.

Lovely, lovely weekend, with lots of lovely people, quite a few I've not met before, and familiar faces too.  The weekend made just that little bit better because my wonderful friend and her husband, lent me their car so I could drive over rather than trek across country on train and coach. 

 This year, Rye played much more with the other children, which was so lovely to see.  And of course, he was very excited to see Alice again. 
 The BBQ,  I love how relaxed these weekends are.  We all brought some food to share as well as making some for ourselves, we sat, we ate, we chatted and laughed, I watched Rye nervously around the fire, lol, and had a sip or two of pear cider.  Steady the nerves, you understand ;-)
 I wonder what he was thinking here.  Something in Rye seems to have changed a little this weekend.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but he looks a bit different; hmmm can't really explain anymore than that.
 Playing cars with other children in our bedroom.  This is the first time he's invited people to come and play in "his" room.  I was really proud of him; another milestone reached.
 Woke up on Sunday morning to find Rye asleep like this, lol.   And wow, did he sleep late, ok very late nights.. but it was around 11am when he woke up!
 The children playing with Martin.  Beautiful to watch, Jack, the dark haired little boy, was telling Martin what movements to make; and Alice and Rye joined in..

 And of course, it was inevitable that Martin would become a human horse......

 And on our last evening, we sat in the common room, chatted, the girls knitted/crochet and the boys attempted cat's cradle, lol. 
 Speaking of crochet, I started a blanket for Rye on Saturday night.  A chevron stripe.  It's looking very blue/green at the moment, but I think I will add in other colours, Rye has said to me he would like it be colourful like the granny stripe.  Pleased with how it's progressing, although this isn't quite as mindless crochet as the the granny stripe, because I have to make sure I keep to the stitch pattern so the chevrons work.  But now I'm 18 or so rows into it, it's become pretty automatic.
Ahhhhhh yes, a grand weekend.  Tiring, but at the same time I feel shored up too; being around similar yet different mamas and dads is so wonderful; just things like women nursing their babies as and when they need to, the different slings, babies, toddlers and children enjoying freedom, sat on an evening, some kiddies in bed, some not, Rye was one of the children who stayed up and I took him to bed when I went.  We sat and crochet and knitted and chatted.  It was easy and it was companionable.  I loved it.

I think too the Women's Circle went well; I was mildly terrified, being that I've not led such a circle before, and I did find myself forgetting my carefully rehearsed deep breathing/relaxing speel... but I don't think anyone noticed too much...shhhh lol.  But anyway, I'll leave it there for that, as what happens in circle stays in circle :-)  Just to say, I for one, enjoyed the experience.

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Susie (September) said...

Looks like a lovely weekend - glad you had such a great time, and pear cider is a fantastic nerve cure ;-)