Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rye's first ever bike ride....

How fantastic eh!  Straight from a balance bike to a normal pedelled bike - no stabilisers or anything.  I am sooo proud of him!

And this is Rye after a few more goes :-)


Fiona said...

Well done Rye!

And it's funny how cultural expectations vary isn't it.

Here (Switzerland) all kids have a balance bike, and progress almost seamlessly (aka Rye) onto two wheels.

When Sofie got her first 2 wheeler I asked the bike shop for training wheels 'just in case' and he laughed and said he would have to order them specially! He also said becasue she had a balance bike she wouldn't need them, and he was right.

In Switzerland (and across Europe) very few kids ever use training wheels, yet I don't know a single 5 year old who can't ride a 2 wheeler bike.

Joxy said...

yeah, a lady was walking her dog when he had a go, and she was cheering him on too, and we got talking, and she was stunned he'd never had a bike with stabilisers on, and tonight was his first go on a normal bike.

Bless him, he'd been trying to ride the bike all afternoon in the garden, but it's not big enough really, so he wwasn't getting very far, and boy was he shouting and screaming in frustration, so I promised to take him to the park after C left for the day. The bonus of him getting so stressy though, is this evening he's been lovely... like he got all his angst out earlier! So a good end to a challenging day.

Pippa said...

Aw, that's brilliant. Interesting that Rye went from a balance bike straight to a pedal bike with no stabilisers too. I can remember learning to ride a bike as an older child, I loved it and would spend hours, washing and polishing my bike and carrying things around in the basket. xxxxx

Heather said...

Well done Rye! I did have to laugh at the bit when you said "you're doing really well" - just as he fell off!

Michelle said...

It is amazing isn't it how they just go from balance bike to pedals so easily. I still can't believe how they are not promoting more here and people still think they are some wierd new invention!

Well Done Rye!