Monday, 20 June 2011

Undoing mama's housework......

 Evidence of a fun morning in the garden playing with C.    The photo doesn't show it so well; there's a fair bit of sand on those feet... sigh...after just de-sanding my house yesterday......
 Further evidence of lots of wholesome fresh air and good fun - tired out and having a nap.  Beautiful, especially as it coincided with C having a nap, so this mama got to hang out washing, pop on lamb bolognaise for tea, and crucially, work on her secret crochet project :-)  On the edging now.

My new mindied came and spent an hour or so with us today too, second of his settling in periods.  He seems very at home and was chattering and giggling, enjoying have Rye and C vie for his attention.    So looking good for Saturday when he is with me for a long day, and then Sunday too.  After that we then have the nights, shame my client's work couldn't have been more sensitive to J settling in with me and let her do days this month, but I guess it will mean the nights won't come around for a wee while again. 

After everyone had gone Rye asked again if we could paint.  I had planned to paint this afternoon before J arrived, but the kids all napped, I confess quarter to six in the evening is not my idea of ideal painting time; but despite trying to bribe Rye (yes I know, tut, tut) with an extra reading eggs sessions, he was insistent he wanted to paint... so, we painted.
 See the fist hold..........
 Pinching Pincer Claw soon made an appearance :-)
Rye is an avid supporter of wet on wet painting.  Along with making lots of mess, lol.  He enjoyed himself though, and then it was time for bath and into bed at a more reasonable time - bedtime had been abandoned lately, and Rye was staying up and going to bed when I did, or falling asleep on the sofa and then I'd wake him for us to go up when I was tired.  However, as J will be coming to us at night sometimes, and I may need to lay with him to help him settle, I thought it would be much easier if I settled Rye back into his bedtime, that way when J arrives, Rye will already be in bed, and hopefully, asleep!

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