Monday, 4 July 2011

Taaaa-Daaaahh! Granny shawl.

So, I can now show you the "secret project". 
Another of my friends was due a birthday at the end of June, and so I decided to hook her a shawl too.  I ummed and arred at what pattern to use, style etc.  And in the end I decided on a granny triangle shawl and planned to make it rather big and warm, because she has a large garden with a lovely big errection..hehehehe, (sorry injoke between friends), Gazebo and sits out there a lot, so I thought a nice warm shawl for cooler evenings would just be the ticket.

I used a Drops Design for the pattern and then just adapated it for what I wanted.  The colours worked really well too, forest green, sage, buttermilk, pretzel and cinnamon - lol I also loved the names.  The yarn is Rowan Pure Wool Aran, and I'm a little bit in love with this stuff, in part because it's from Holmfirth, which was a town I spent a lot of my childhood in :-)  And yes, famous for Last of the Summer Wine.

But anyway, enough of the twitter eh, lets get to the photos:
 I love how the creamy golden yellow really sets off the other colours.
 Oooh yes, so lovely and snuggly, I will have to make myself one of these!
 Granny cluster heaven.  I am quite a fan of the basic granny cluster, so many pretty things can be made with it and it tends to work up pretty fast.
The edging is double crochet.  I had spent a long time looking through my edging book, but nothing seemed to quite fit in with the rather rustic look of this shawl - which I think is down to the colours more than anything, and the striping is so pretty I didn't really want to distract the eye from it.

This used approx:
3x100g of pretzel
1 3/4 x 100g forest green
1 3/4 x 100g sage
2 1/2 x cinnamon
1 1/2 x buttermilk


arwen_tiw said...

Fab, love it!

Sally Graddon Designs said...

Oh my! That is gorgeous! I dream of having a big rainbow shawl one day :)

Susie said...

Beautiful! I've been trying and trying to crochet, but my brain just doesn't get it :-(

Michelle said...

That is beautiful. One day I'm going to have to learn to crochet. Your friend is going to be so pleased with it.

Becks said...

Oh J, that is asolutely gorgeous. I have spent the last two hours searching Ravelry for a knitting pattern for a shawl for myself, gave up in despair at not finding what I wanted and then come for a blog nosy and here you have this, just the thing. Maybe I'll have a go one day, although at the speed I crochet and with a kingsize blanket on the go I won't plan anything for the next few winters ;-)
Your friend is a very lucky person.