Friday, 16 September 2011

Brum, Brum.

While my friend is in Italy she has left me her van to use.  It's a bit of a monster van; a huge VW 7 seater and a manual.  Yes I can drive manuals ok, it's just my other friend; her husband drives an automatic and that is what I drive mostly, when I do drive.

So yes, I did momentarily forget to use the clutch when trying to put the van in reverse; the van scolded me soundly, and sulkily stalled on me.  We are getting on much better though, I'm glad to say, and this evening after my mindie was picked up, I decided to take Rye down to the fountain at the harbour.

 I never knew there were lights in the fountain too; they change colour too.
 Oooh, he did have fun; only marred a wee bit by two silly large teenagers racing through the fountain, and one not seeing Rye (how????) and kareening straight into him, bowling poor Rye right over.  My lad screamed mightily.  I did yell, and was somewhat mollified when the boys each came over to check Rye was ok and to apologise.

 He had quite a few spectators too, as he giggle, squealed and ran in and out of the fountain.   And of course a fish supper for tea was a given :-)

And what else has today held, well duplo mostly:

Interspersed with the nursery run at midday to pick up one of mindies, then a quick grocery shop, lunch, mindie having a nap; Rye playing out in the garden for a bit and then back into play some more with the duplo.  What learning has gone on today then?  Dunno really, he's made bridges, he's sung songs, he's asked questions, he's had experiences and fun.... I don't really need to know much more than that. :-)

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