Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Taaa-Daaaaahhh & Oooooooh

The large granny square blanket, as become large granny squareS blanket, it quickly became obvious the colour pattern I had in mind would not work very well on a single large granny square, so I'm making 4 large ones and then I'll join them together.  Working up very quickly, over half way finished, but alas not quite enough yarn; so hardships of all hardships, I've had to buy more yarn!

Speaking of buying yarn, the King Cole Riot arrived today.......oh gosh, I'm in love.  I haven ten balls of this gorgeousness, from which I hope to make a skirt.
And the Taaaaa-Daaah?  Well quite a mundane thing really.  I have a couple of M&S tubs, the sort that mini swiss rolls, flapjacks etc come in; the tubs themselves are a perfect size for storage of craft materials, shapes etc.  In this case I want them for Rye's tip tap shapes and nails before they all get lost. 

All the tub needed was a new cover; hooking one was an obvious choice; I used some of the anchor magicline cotton I picked up from my local yarn shop for 99p per ball.  I absolutely love the autumny colourway, and must check how much I have left of this, because I think I have to make Rye another top out of it...but anyway, here's the covered tub.

And now as Rye is at his dad's for the night, I shall settle back with watching episodes of Fringe, and crochet up a few test motifs to help me decide which one to make my skirt out of :-)  Soooo exciting!


Michelle said...

I keep thinking about learning to crochet. Eating cake. Sorry, covering old containers seems like a good excuse to get started.

Becks said...

Oooh, I have 6 balls of the exact same Riot too, the colours are rather scrummy. No idea what I'm going to do with it as I bought it on a whim. Think it will end up knitted though as I tend to prefer the clearer colour repeats that knitting produces over crochet? Mind, it depends on how long the repeats are as I have enjoyed some surprise results when crochet variegated yars too. Oh decisions, decisions - maybe I'll wait for you to inspire me? xx

Joxy said...

Hehehehe, thankfully the kids ate the caramel swiss roll things that were in them and the other tub which had mini flapjacks.

Becks the cotton I used for the tub is specifically dyed for crochet in mind so it stripes; but yeah most varigated yarns do not stripe properly in crochet, which is why I like to use it for motifs. I've done a couple of motifs to see which I like, and the first while very fancy and lovely doesn't work very well in the riot as its a bit fluffy; the second is better, might have to make a few more first though before I decide (lol or end up using masses of different squared mofits...lol)