Monday, 31 October 2011

Samhain 2011.

Bit stop and start.  Originally the plan was to have a few friends over for soup, bread, brownies and hot chocolate around a Samhain fire, and naturally this included toasting marshmellows.  Plans were scuppered when Rye announced yesterday he felt sick.  Cue sinking heart.  The D&V bug is hanging around like a bad smell at the moment.  One poor family has had it on and off for a month now!  However, Rye wasn't sick, I think it was just one of those 24hr mysterious fevers that children seem to get now and again.

Annoyingly though, my sinuses are playing up again, and I've been rubbing on tiger balm and popping pills all day, along with sinus rinses and deep breathing and facial massage; anything to get through the day and have celebrate Samhain this evening!

And in the end we managed; it was just Rye and myself, with a friend popping over for an hour after work; but, I have to say we've had a lovely evening.
 Oooh I've been meaning to show you this fella for a while.  I met the lady who makes these, at the Mercian Gathering in September; she's a friend of Sarie.  I bought a little green man at the festival, but I really, really wanted one of her big ones...and some weeks back, I bought him.  He is gorgeous and Rye adores him.
 Our unlit Samhain season table - yes ok, I couldn't resist a bit of cobwebbry stuff with the plastic spiders...  and you know, even though I KNOW they are plastic, still makes my skin crawl.  LOL.
 Our pumpkins.  Rye declared them the best pumpkins ever!
 And oooh they did look very  effective in the garden. 
 Sitting near the fire waiting for his soup and bread. 

 Gotta love a good bonfire.  Sent blessings and love to those who have passed through the veil; Richard, Peter, Mum, Dad, Uncle Fred, Aunt Beatrice, Rye's paternal grandmother, and great grandmother, and to all the ancestors that came before.
 And our lovely sentinels, keeping those naughty spirits away :-)
Later when Jenny arrived, we wrote out those things we wanted to put aside/behind us, and things we hope to achieve in the year to come, and then we burned them on the fire.  Rye, bless him, couldn't think of anything he wanted to get rid of.  He asked for "more fun" for the year to come.  ;-)  I think that is doable.
 Our Samhain season table lit up.
More of our candles burning, lit with friends in mind.
 And what is a celebration without hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmellows?????   Followed by scary Scooby Doo dvd?
And yes mama indulged a wee bit too.

Happy Samhain, may the ancestors guide you in the year to come.


Mama Pixie said...

And the same to you! xXx

Fiona said...

Happy Samhain to you and Rye too.
And I am loving those pumpkins.
Seriously good :-)

Susie said...

Love, love, LOVE your season table, and i sooo want one of those green men - he's fab!!

The Colourful Girl said...

I'm glad Rye wasn't sick for long! He seems to be a lot more at ease with himself than when I first started following your blog a couple of months ago... You should be one proud mama!! x