Friday, 4 November 2011


Yes ok, furnishing Rye's obsession with all things wheeled..... still £3 from a charity shop ain't bad and he did have so much fun, well when he wasn't falling off and then having a mard on lol.
 Oooh but first need to stoke up on pancakes, cherry pie filling, squirty cream and marshmellow.... the pancakes were spelt ones.... but yes, the only thing in that combo that was vaguely "healthy". 
"Yes, you can, remember what post man pat says,"
"Don't give up."
"That's right!"
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, rolling down the incline while sat on the skateboard and propelling one's self across the tarmac is infinitely more satisfying!

And one happy mama, cos all that produced this:

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Susie (September) said...

Oooh, skateboarding - very brave, they scare me!! Love that last picture, that's the cutest thing ever xxx