Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dover and Seasonal Crafting.

 Dover's Xmas light switch on celebrations were happening on Saturday, and it also coincided with a playdate with some newish friends of ours.  Cassies and her boys are fairly new to our Home Ed group, and Rye and her boys get along like house on fire.  We'd both being interested in attending Dover Museum's xmas decoration making event, so I drove over and picked them up and along we went.
(BTW, excuse the photos, I couldn't find my camera and so took these with my mobile)

This is also the first time Rye has been to a museum.  I'm glad I waited till now before taking him, he had a lovely time, helped enormously by the museum's fantastic toy exhibit, which included an old moving model train set up and a huge scalextrix.
 Not to mention interactive exhibits.  Here Rye is turning the handle to make electricity.  He was enthralled, and preferred doing this to making xmas decorations.

The scalextrix, a big hit, Rye keeps asking if we can go back and play with it some more.
 Afterwards we scuttled away from the crowds and very loud music that was distressing all the children and found a quieter spot to have our pack lunches.  And happily realised we were outside the wonderful Jenny's youth centre.  Jenny and her young people were taking part in Dover's celebrations and had put on seasonal crafting for children.  It was a big hit!
And this is the photo of the xmas stocking that Rye decorated at the Youth Centre.  The stockings were all hand stitched by a young person at the youth centre.  How fab, eh.  :-)

We all had a wonderful time!

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Queenie24 said...

That polar bear is huuuuuuuge. I nearly pee'd myself when I took Rob as it was behind a corner.

Glad you enjoyed the community art day, we had fun hosting!